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The Roman Republic. A strong republic. A republic that would go on to become one of the greatest Empire's the world would ever see. A republic that is on the brink of collapse - all lies on the edge of a dagger.


Julius Caesar and Pompey, the two greatest generals of Rome, who had won conquest after conquest had turned on each other. Caesar had routed Pompey's armies in Northern Africa, and returned to Rome in triumph. He was now without a doubt one of the most powerful generals in the known world. But would he be content to merely remain so? He held power and glory in his right hand, but did a heart full of ambition yearn for yet more? Would he make himself the most powerful man in the world? Opinions were divided.



On the streets of Rome by the Tiber, amidst the the hustle and bustle and dirt of city life, a cobbler and a carpenter stood watching the oncoming procession through the streets celebrating Caesar's victory over Pompey. The streets were filled with joy and laughter, jugglers were performing at every street corner, merchants and stall owners shouting about the quality of their wares, and yet still be drowned out with the cheers of the common people at Julius Caesar, the man of the people. The great conqueror and defender of Rome.

The cobbler and carpenter were both care free and at ease, smiles decorating both of their faces. They were simple common folk, and the majority of Rome was just like them. Plebeians - poor people who worked hard for a living, who lived in squalor and abject poverty. Celebration did not come frequently and like all other Plebeians in Rome, they were enjoying every minute of it. Only a handful of the rich aristocrats had the power to vote in the Senate, and they held no love for common peasants. But here was Caesar who provided for all of their needs - his conquests put gold in the common coffers, he was richer than the Senate itself and most importantly, he listened to commoners. He gave the people what they wanted and gave them hope as well. Rome was weak after civil war and here was a strong man. Although they did not voice it, every Plebeian that day knew what should be done. "Let Caesar be dictator. Let him rule Rome..."



In a dimly lit house within sight of the Capitol, a dangerous group of people were meeting for a dangerous reason. Whisperings were heard within the room:

...."It must be by his death, and for my part I know no personal cause to spurn at him"..."Rome has grown weak of late"..."Rome thou hast lost the breed of noble blood"..."We all stand up against the spirit of Caesar"..."Caesar must bleed for it"..........


Conspiracy saw and smiled.



"By force of arms"

"Force overcome by force"

"In men of the highest character and noblest genius there is to be found an insatiable desire for honour, command, power and glory"




Looking across the seven hills of Rome, under the blackness of the firmament and before the outstretched horizon a dagger was drawn, its edge caressed.

"Fools... you know know not where the power lies... I will have my revenge"

The maniacal sound of laughter was always drowned by the din of applause....


_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ __


_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ __


Ok guys, this game will begin on the 2nd of February, hopefully with the 20 players I need. Here are the rules:


1) Mod is God. I reserve the right to change things and run the game the way I want.

2) No editing posts. EVER. You WILL be modkilled, WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS.

3) You must post at least once every game day. If you go on LOA please inform me, otherwise you will be modkilled.

4) No revealing character names. You can claim whatever role you want, but no character names.

5) A lynch will be held everyday, requiring a majority (half the players plus 1). In the event of a no-lynch, a player who did not voted will be killed randomly. If everyone voted then a player will be killed randomly.

6) Game days and nights will vary in length. I'll let you know when we start!

7) Character names, roles and alignment will be revealed after death

8.) To vote, you must Glow your vote. Same goes for unvoting for it to count.

9) No quoting PMs from the mod. Or anyone else for that matter.

10) The team with the voting majority wins.

11) No communitcating off thread unless I say so

12) Once you're dead, you get a bah post then you may post in this thread, which will become the dead Thread.

13) No excessive spam. Sure, lead people down the wrong track, distract them, but not so you have to trudge through 8 pages of spam when you log back on  Smiley

12) HAVE FUN  Grin


Just to tell you guys, this is my first time at modding. I'm away with exams atm, but will start at the beginning of Feb when I'm done. Everything is PAFO - all I'll say is that there are a LOT of roles, and a slightly unusual team setup - there may or not be townies, mafia, cult, recruitment, solo winners etc. It's quite a complicated game, but newbies are welcome, I'd advise you to go to www.mafiascum.net and read up on some roles. That's all your getting  Wink


Please post if you wish to sign up!


1) ed2funy[The Schoolmaster, Lie Detector, Innocent turned Orator's Cult]

2) Wombat [The Soothsayer, Finder, Innocent]

3) Red [Caius Cassius, Role Switcher of the Conspirators]

4) Boopsy [Trebonius, Conspirator]

5) Alanna [Retired Legionary, Paranoid gun owner, Innocent]

6) Nae[Cicero, Leader of the Orator's Cult]

7) Tigraine [Mark Anthony, Watcher, Innocent]

8.) Lily [brutus, Godfather, Conspirator]

9) Talya [Calpurnia, Beloved Princess, Innocent]

10) Pale [Pompey's Ghost, Serial Killer]

11) Pete [Artemidorus, Innocent recruited to Conspirators]

12) Al Jenn [The Plebeian, Vigilante, Innocent]

13) MCS[Priest of Jupiter, Healer, Innocent]

14) ConQuest [Metellus Cimber, Conspirator]

15) dapianoplay3er[Cinna the poet, Innocent]

16) Liathiana[The Senator, Innocent]

17) Jeran [The Cobbler, Innocent]

18) Pookie [Caius Cassius, Framer, Conspirator]

19) Tynaal [The Merchant, Innocent]

20) Meercatman [The Servant, Innocent]



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Milling through the crowds in the busy marketplace, the hooded figure caressed the dagger under his robe. The mood in the market was not usual; people seemed very much on edge. [glow=red,2,300]Good[/glow], he thought, the plan is working well. Now he just needed to see if he could get people lynching each other. Sowing the seeds of discord was a talent of his. Some would think it ridiculous that any of the peasants here in this squalid sector of Rome could have any connection to mighty Caesar. [glow=red,2,300]They would learn[/glow], the man thought. Every building would fall if you attacked the base. No matter how high.

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Oh, I can't resist. I just can't. Hey, Pete. Isn't #11 usually mafia?  ;D


:D [glow=red,2,300]Vote Pete[/glow]

He is almost always right!



«  on: January 24, 2010, 02:01:56 PM »

« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2010, 11:46:21 PM »


This was not 'tomorrow'. I demand a full refund!



*Checks in*

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As you wish...[glow=red,2,300]Vote Boopsy[/glow] because that was the first name to catch my eye when I scrolled up to view the list of players.

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Jeran...I thought you were the mod for a second. I was confused.

*goes to make spreadsheet*


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I'm really liking this always choosing the same number on day one thing, at least until there's someone specific to vote for.  I've always liked the number 13, so [glow=red,2,300]Tigraine[/glow] it is!  Sorry Tigs!

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Ed, it was for the British...can't help it if you don't live on the best place on earth :)




Extra points for Talya methinks  ;D

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Current Vote Count


Pete (1): ed2funy

Boopsy (1): Jeran

Tigraine (1): Pookie


With 20 alive it takes 11 to lynch  :)


I'm yet to hear from Alanna, Naeann, Tigraine, LedZepMan, ConQuest, Liathiana, Tynaal and meercatman. Come on guys lets the get the game started! If anyone sees them please direct them to the thread  :D

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Your pm to me came in the midst of all the night action pm's from my game.  My bad.  I iz heer nau.

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Welcome Naeann!


Has anyone seen LedZepMan lately? He hasn't been online since last week... and I know he was having computer issues?


Any ideas?

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    • My issue with increasing congress to that size is  A) Nothing gets done in there as is and  B) I dont want to pay 46 million more dollars a year to those vipers, not including whatever insurances, lifetime pensions, healthcare and security details they get. I already thinks its ridiculous they get paid during the shutdown, completely, while government employees are forced to work without pay.
    • how can i remove it? or could you do it for me?
    • Sure, I'll post this  again:       The data for the graphs is currently 2 election cycles old (it was run off 04 and 08) but the points stand...though it would be interesting to redo the graphics with 16 and 12 results.   Secondarily, if the porposals listed (somewhere) about "fixing congress" by increasing the size of the body (to somewhere around 800, I forget) would also help by creating more (and distributing more evenly) electoral votes around the country, or more modest proposals to award electors proportionately would also help.   The danger here is the logic of either; system is broken, why fix it or system has always worked (even though it's been broken the whole time), so don't fix it.      The best part of the video is the path to the presidency with 22%  (or said differently, a president could win if 78% of the people voted against them) of the vote, which is, um, not a fair/just/equitable/local/whatever word you want to use system at all.

    • I’ve never really liked the argument that one’s vote counts less using a percentage based on total population to EC votes when comparing states because that’s not how the EC is supposed to work.   Its not a perfect system but I don’t think it’s awful. I’d like to move away from the winner-take-all system the majority of states use, but I dislike the idea of using a straight up NPV tally.
    • As for impeachment; we don't have any hard (or direct) evidence of him committing crimes while in office, and we don't have any hard (or direct) of him committing crimes to get into office, but there is a lot of circumstalial and unproven evidence of both in the public domain.