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  1. Jeran - Aes Sedai - White Ajah Bought the book the day it came out as I happened to be shopping anyway. Haven't cracked a page yet since I'm not sure whether to do any re-reading or not.
  2. Galileo's Dream by Kim Stanley Robinson. Generally I love his books. This one is interesting so far but I don't really know where it is going yet and I'm 1/4 through it.
  3. Hi Brid. Thanks for selecting us. You are very welcome in the Ajah. I look forward to getting to know you better.
  4. Is it just me or do we do everything at nearly the same time. I think you were raised Accepted just before me, raised to Aes Sedai just before me, became an Ajah Head just before me and now have resigned just after me. What shall we do next?
  5. Oh my goodness what am embarrassment of riches. Please keep them coming.
  6. as opposed to a few good men. The reason for this is that I am resigning as Head of the White Ajah. I have been Head for maybe a year and half or so (I've completely forgotten when I started). The main reason for resigning is that I feel I just don't have the time to devote to being the best Head I can be. (Ha! That sounds funny) I do plan on sticking around as I still have to think of my next big event to hold (a la The Amazing Race). I shall accept any and all retirement gifts you may wish to offer (unless they are something that an SGer would give.) Kathana will follow up this post with details of the new job posting.
  7. I'd like everyone to join me in welcoming a new Accepted to the ranks of the White Ajah. Gentled Ben has petitioned the Ajah for Acceptance and has been very gladly approved. Welcome Ben! I know you will be great to have with us in the White Ajah.
  8. Congratulations Twinnie! Welcome to Aes Sedai-hood and of course Welcome to the White Ajah.
  9. If I may quote... "Great debate has been had by many of which Ajah I would find my home in...most thought Green, many brown..even several the Blue." Welcome to the White Ajah...Twinnie!
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