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This thread is for those of you bitter that you aren't at DragonCon with us this weekend. I'll be sure to drop by every so often to update you as to how things are going and what news gets passed along to us.


You *did* know about the news, right? There are some rather heavy announcements being made by Tor this weekend. And no, I can't tell you a single thing about them. Feel free to speculate wildly though.


Anyways, I'll stop by to post pictures and news, etc. I'll point others here as well, so hopefully this will be a nice, active thread.


If you have no idea what this "DragonCon" thing is all about, here's the official website. http://www.dragoncon.org/


Enjoy yourselves. =)

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I have tried for years to get a fundraiser up and running to get me to D*Con. With this one started, I only have two more shots at making it work...


So all of you who are thinking about buying a car, house or crap like that, please stop for a moment and care about my geekneeds first.  ;D

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