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    And also, Kath is fun when she's drunk ^^
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    So, whilst the rest of them are still out having fun, I've been safely transported back to my uncle and aunt's house for safekeeping : p
  3. Who is this person!? I know nothing of him! I decry! He is my sworn enemy, we shall fight to the death! Treat him well
  4. He is truly a wonder of the world
  5. To touch, not to drown in chili! But, alas, it is now too late, and we must bask in eclipse's spicy goodness
  6. I won't hate you for what you are *hugs you*
  7. That, along with the rest of this thread, is pretty impressive?
  8. *"I know enough to get into and out of a place quietly, but I'm not much good with locks. Why do you ask, exactly?" Bert's inner mischievous child grinned from ear to ear. "Oh, no matter, no matter, why don't we walk together?" he said, as he slyly set the course for the mess hall. "No, I was merely checking up on the old breaking and entering skills, you never know when it'll come in handy, eh? I pretty much ask everyone I see!" To prove his point, Bert asked a more... senior... child with a different persuasion in genders, who deemed it fit to slap him for it. "Myes, she's good" Bert muttered, rubbing his cheek. After a further wandering down the path, Sylos turned his head slightly ajar and uttered: "I'm sorry, but isn't this the way to the canteen?" Ah, bert thought, the boy catches on. "Oh, is it? I would never have known, I'm merely walking where.. Oh, where the wind takes me, yes? But, now that we're nearly there, I feel... I feel an urge. You see, as I might or might not have made clear, there is a hunger in me, for food you see, which needs to be replenished, and now that we're soon to happen upon a house of foodstuffs, I see no reason why we shouldn't, myes, get our slice of the proverbial cake!" Bert cleared his throat slightly. "I happen to know, completely by coincidence of course, of a window which is often left slightly open, so as to air the place out, if you follow my lead?"
  9. Bert's stomach rumbled. "Ah yes, my faithful companion here," Bert patted his tummy, "seems to have picked up your mention of certain edibles! Y'see, whilst I was lying here, analyzing and solving complex equations in my head, time just flew by and it turns out I missed lunch! Now, a man of my stature," Bert attempted to straighten his back, but his back wouldn't hear any of it. "my... stature... Needs nutrition aplenty to keep up this wonderful shape!" Pear shaped is a shape, isn't it? Bert silently pointed out. "But, seeing as we both are in need of food for some reason or another, I propose we find some." Bert thought for a moment. The canteen was closed. That would imply there were no people there. And he did seem to remember a certain window being left slightly open, as to air out the fumes of a hard day's cooking. At that moment he reached his conclusion. "Now, what do you know about breaking and entering?" OOC: Oh shit >.< I'M SORRY! His name popped up, as I was teamed up with him in the herb class : p BAH *smacks self*
  10. "Given your elegant grace and wondrous dexterity, I take it your nap ended not long ago?" What was this!? A trace of sarcasm, perhaps? Bert wasn't sure, but decided to stay on guard. "Oh, I warn't sleepin', if that's what you was implyin' there, I was merely... Oh, observin', as they say! Did you, for example, know that that child over there," Bert pointed at the most inconspicuous child in sight; "has, in fact, attempted to sway several of the female cadettes into his quarters, just this very hour!?" Sylos gave him a disbelieving look. "You needn't believe me, but heed my warning when I say he's not as good as he looks!" The child was now eating an apple. "Oh, just look at him, eating his apples. But we know, don't we, what he truly wants!? The fiend!" Bert gave the patsy child a nasty look, to which he replied with confusion and a hint of fear. "Look at him now, walking away! He knows I know, is what!" Pleased with his efforts, Bert redirected his energies towards Sylos. "So, old chap, if you don't mind me calling you such a thing, what busines brings you to this yard at this very hour? Dare I propose you walk with me?"
  11. Bert was sitting on a bench in the courtyard, looking at children and children to be alike. They all seemed so awfully busy, what with their hasty pacing and sullen expressions. It was as if everyone was going somewhere important and had forgotten to invite Bert. Well, let them have their stressful days filled with haste and worry, Bert'd lie here and contemplate the greater things in life, like when he'd get his next meal, for he was rather hungry. He felt like there was something he'd forgotten. Had he been assigned any tasks he might've forgotten? Quite possibly. Had he been given extra lessons to complete from instructors? It might be. Was he going to do them? Well, maybe. But not right now. He was lying so comofortably. "zzZzzZzzZWHA!" Bert jolted upright. Rubbing his eyes, he wondered what'd happened. Judging by the sun's position in the sky, he'd been out at least two hours. Mothersmilk in a-, he'd missed lunch! Cursing under his breath, he got up to start for the canteen, when he happened to walk into Sylos and stumbled to a clumsy fall. "Cheerio old chap!" OOC: Nyn said you needed to do an rp with another child, so here we go? If you don't want to, do drop me a hint and I shall consider this never to have happened ^^
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