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  1. I do like candy and vans, I don't see any way this can end badly at all ever *gets in the van, eats the candy, drives to Disneyworld* *has time of life*
  2. People talking about me attracts my enormous ego across the vastness of space-time. I just can't be held at bay *molests Nyn, as if we were both young and naive, blind to the dangers of this world*
  3. *channels my sexual organs from afar, to slap you across the cheek* 'sup
  4. Amazing! Gotten in shape, gotten in school, gotten a girl, it's amazing what happens when you leave this wretched hive of scum and villany But yeah, my heart soars to see people talking about me behind my back, giving me a good excuse to triple post like I was a young scallywag again, back in my prime, running nudely through the interwebz, my sloppy member slapping my thighs wetly as I frolicked through the web of information. Such beautiful times, the memories will always live within my, along with all the horrible diseases I picked up. 'Twas a better time, a gentler time, a time of wonders Good night you princes of maine, you kings of new england!
  5. Oh yeah, and also, I refuse to be back, even for a second
  6. What you should be saying is "Does anybody even remember Demi?"
  7. THIS IS A TRAVESTY, A FARCE, AND I WILL HAVE NO PART OF IT! *slaps my penis all over this thread in disgust* *storms out* -Demi
  8. Clearly he's having an affair with a middle aged woman shame on him
  9. Same procedure as every year!
  10. Recent studies certainly back up your claim
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