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  1. Wow, you guys can not and will not cut off the head of the Artist formerly known as Kathana. Sure most of you have been to the pudding mines. Sure you all have been made to serve her every whim. Sure you can accuse her of many crimes, but after all YOU kept coming back for more. For all you old timers, me included, remember all of her silly stories that she used to write. How we all pined to be included in the next installment. How we all officially "made" it at DM when we were included, even though Kathana couldn't spell my name to save all the pudding in her mines. Most importantly, killing her off will mean that she gets to haunt you for all eternity. Is that what you want? Her constant nagging in her teacher voice speaking to you day in and day out. You think Lews Therin roaming around in Rand's head was annoying, wait, just wait. Lastly, if you cut off her head, then I'll have to move in with one of you. That is a punishment worse than working the pudding mines, I'll have you know.
  2. If this was a computer/console game or even a board game, I think I would t hesitate to support REG but a mobile app?
  3. I believe Brandon said he was now at 1%.
  4. Everyone who should have access is set. I just added bcxanth, mercutioh, and Al Jenn Mael to the group. All others were already in.
  5. I know you are probably swamped, but I lost the link for the old forums and I need to switch over some posts. Also i do not see the DM Staff board. I do see the Social Staff one.

  6. Looks like it's fixed... that was odd. Thanks to whoever fixed it, though. :)

  7. Correction, it only lets me see threads I started.

  8. I can't see any posts that I haven't posted in myself. It comes up with a permissions error on all other threads. I tried to send some of the admins a message, but it won't let me send you a message either.

  9. Hey old man. How is the hot wife ;)
  10. Segurant


    No one is posting pics yet? You people suck! BTW, read any good books excerpts lately? --Kathana under her husband's account.
  11. I will always listen to all concerns and act as needed. Also I won't say that breasts will influence my decision making, but I'll be glad to take a look for consideration purposes.
  12. I want to say thanks for the support and I humbly accept the nomination to be you next Community Admin for Dragonmount.com. I will bring change to this community. I will bring change to the White Tower's influence. I will be change for the better. For too long has Kathana been in control as Community Admin. She has brought us a quagmire of a war against the Seanchan Empire. So help me beat my wife! My name is Segurant Trevalaer and I approve this message. This message has been brought to you by the Kathana's Attempt to keep Segurant active campaign
  13. Tsingtao concentrated on the Earth weave, but the wretched feeling from the Taint was starting to overtake his senses. He released his weave and sprung into action. With this sword raised, Tsingtao let out a battle cry as he closed the gap between Geirrin and himself. Geirrin leapt into the air to meet Tsingtao's onslaught. Their swords clashed creating brilliant sparks with each blow. Each combatant did their best to get the upper hand. Each combatant still embraced Saidin. Each combatant was extremely tired. Tsingtao swung his sword to Geirrin's right. He followed up with a strike with a series of moves. His sword quickly went from the right, to the lower left, back to the upper right. Tsingtao pulled his sword back for an overhead blow. Each move was blocked by Geirrin. Tsingtao continued his attack. His thrust found its mark as Geirrin cried in pain. Geirrin stumbled backwards to avoid Tsingtao. Tsingtao stalked his wounded prey. Tsingtao would cast a weave of Air knocking Geirrin around the yard. Geirrin tried to strike back with a weave of his own, but Tsingtao would distract him with a forceful push of air. The blows were more like punches at this point. Tsingtao continued to stalk Geirrin. Geirrin knew he had to stop Tsingtao. He really wanted to win this contest. He decided the time was now to strike. Geirrin leapt forward faking an attack. Tsingtao took the bait by dodging out of the way. Geirrin turned to face Tsingtao. Inverting his weave, Geirrin quickly channeled a weave of Spirit and launched his Power at his opponent. Tsingtao went wide-eyed at this run of events. He dropped his sword and bowed his head. “I yield to you in this combat.” he said. “You have shielded from the source, thereby winning this match.” OOC: Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing, I’ve been drinking and the post looks good on my end. Must be the beer goggles.
  14. Tsingtao crashed to the ground from the blow. "This guy adapts quickly," he thought to himself as he gasped for air. He glanced towards Geirrin and noticed that he too was slow to get up. Slowly he stood back up. There will be no doubt that both will be sore tonight. He tightened his grip on his sword, and he charged the Dedicated once again. Embracing the power of Saidin, he started a weave of Fire. Tsingtao unleashed a fireball toward Geirrin. As anticipated, Geirrin rolled away from the incoming missile, but his dodging landed him in the path of Tsingtao’s sword. Tsingtao released hold of Saidin, instead relying on his skill with the sword. Their blades danced a deadly performance as each man tried to gain the upper hand. The strain of his muscles forced Tsingtao to jump away to regroup. Landing a safe distance, Tsingtao surrendered to the One Power again. He could feel the Taint flow through him. He didn’t want to reach for Saidin, but knew it was a good idea. Sure enough it was the right choice. He watched Geirrin starting a weave of Spirit. Tsingtao quickly gathered the powers of Air, Earth, and Spirit to cut the flows from Geirrin. The thought of a shield keeping him for Saidin ached through his body. He concentrated harder to keep conscience from the Taint. Gathering his remaining strength, Tsingtao produced an Earth weave, causing the ground underneath Geirrin to shake.
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