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  1. I will speak for this woman. Yelenia has been my friend for almost ten years. I prodded her to join Dragonmount years ago, and was thrilled when she (finally) decided to join the Red. Like many others, I'm not really active on the forums, but I still consider myself first & foremost a Red Sister. Like recognizes like. Yelenia has the heart of a Red. She does what needs to be done, and does it right. She is active in her home community and works toward the greater good in her everyday life. This woman is my Sister. -Muirenn Lina Alianin Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah
  2. Mat is a gambling rogue; Tuon is an ruthless empress. Together, they fight crime retake Seanchan!
  3. ~points up at Roga~ What he said. :) Rand's three know from WH, but we (those of us at the signing) couldn't remember anything that indicates that Egwene knows anything about it.
  4. I'll also add that when I was talking to Brandon, I was trying to figure out if the Seanchan now had the ability to make cuendillar. Which, on the whole I think to be a much bigger plot point than whether the bracelets are cuendillar. And he wouldn't tell me. :P
  5. You can also purchase them from audible.com in MP3 format. Membership is only $14.99/mth, which gets you one book/mth. Much more reasonable than the $50+ most books on CD go for. And I definitely agree; the WoT audiobooks are top notch!
  6. This was a really great scene, always brings tears to my eyes.
  7. Grump, Calderis, enough. Next person to post personal attacks against another poster gets the thread closed. Behave everyone.
  8. Frightened? These boys knew nothing. It had been over a hundred years since Shevara had been frightened simply by a man who could channel. Dressing them up in black coats changed nothing. The Last Battle, though, that changed much. The White Tower had an entire Ajah of women dedicated to nothing other than combat, with and without the One Power, and had trained to work in tandem for centuries. This Black Tower had only a few years. Of course they would not be able to stand as well as the Aes Sedai working in circles and with angreal. But over one hundred channellers falling in one day,
  9. There were some interesting answers at the Dallas signing and storm leader dinner: Myrddraal are not trollocs who can channel. Thier powers are totally independant from the OP. They really are just throwbacks to the human stock. Harriet added that there are also animal throwbacks, but they just die. The prophecy of the land being one with the Dragon Reborn, and the Dragon being one with the land will play a big role in these last three books. When asked if the Rand's wound from the Shadar Logoth dagger was really contained like Samitsu thinks it is, the answer was RAFO.
  10. Talked to Brandon at the stormleader dinner last night. He had a few things to say on this topic: 1. The bruises on Min's neck were not an error. After consulting with Team Jordan, it was determined that indirect effects remain. Rand was the one who strangled Min, not Semirhage directly, so the bruises stayed. 2. Brandon knows of two ways to destroy cuendillar. But he would not confirm if the Domination Band that Rand was wearing was made from cuendillar. He said it was not relevant to what happened. 3. The bracelets did not disappear when Semirhage and Elza were balefired
  11. Shevara tsked in irritation. She wasn't certain if it was for Jagen's outburst or for the arrogance of the black coated emmissaries. The sitters were on edge, the Asha'man openly hostile, if detemined even so. This must mean a great deal to the Dragon Reborn. But they were once again ignoring the salient fact that the White Tower already had an alliance with the Black. One that had been published to the rulers of the nations. An alliance made by her predecessor and the...late...M'Hael, but one that was only a bare handful of months old. She shook her head sadly. "I did not put th
  12. Rodel Ituralde met Thom Merrilin when the latter was court bard in Caemlyn. Min has been reading Herid Fel's books because she thinks she can figure out what he was working on for Rand. The True Power can melt/destroy cuendillar (ala the Domination Band). The way to reverse compulsion is by weaving anti-compulsion. :P The revised glossary was interesting, with the Domani politics & Seanchan Blood details.
  13. This is not the place to discuss balefire paradox. Take it back to the other thread.
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