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  1. OOC: This is completely open to all but I would recommend you first read the bio for Dylan Ablard and the description of the Cair Rahien. All around him people were moving about finishing up their last minute tasks, but Dylan Ablard sat in a corner booth consumed by his memories. He had grown up running around the tables here at the Cair Rahien, but even he could barely recognize the place now. The fire had utterly destroyed the home of countless generations of his family, its architecture unique as the myriad additions that shaped it. When he and his sisters first talked of reb
  2. As they rode they began seeing houses and fields along the road, gradually getting closer together as they continued. Soon enough they entered the village proper, an oval-shaped field surrounded by community buildings and homes with the road circling around it. Shawn rode to the largest building he could find, guessing correctly that it was the town's only inn. Being a small town they probably didn't get many visitors, so he wasn't surprised at all to see that they had gathered quite a crowd by the time they reached their destination. He dismounted in front of the inn and looked around
  3. Five days. It had been five days since Brent's death had led to a recall of all those he had found ways to get rid of during his tenure. Just days after Brent had risen to power he had exiled Nakor to the manor house in Tear. now he had been welcomed back to the Farm, but he was finding the transition more difficult than anticipated. In Tear he had quickly earned authority and responsibility. He had grown accustomed to a certain level of admiration and respect from those around him, cherished all the more because it was earned and not gained solely by his birth as in the past. Bu
  4. The fifth morning out from Tar Valon started the same as the others. Shawn and Visar led the trainees through their morning workout, then dismissed them to their chores. The troop was getting much more efficient at working together. By the time dawn's first rays began to peep over the horizon everyone had eaten, their gear was stowed and horses saddled, and the trench filled in. Shawn was proud to see that there was hardly any trace of the group having been there at all. Before they started off Shawn addressed the group of twenty trainees patiently waiting astride their horses. "You'
  5. OOC: This is continued here : "Meet and Greet" on the Stedding board. I left it rather vague as to who is there so it is still open to anyone joining!
  6. ooc: Ok, so I'm horrible with titles get over it ;) This is Phase 1 of the interdiv rp discussed here(BT) and here(WK). As the description says, this is open to anyone from these two divisions even if you have no intention of joining the rest of the rp. ic: A few hours past noon Nakor joined a group of Ashaman and fellow Dedicated at the Traveling grounds. They were heading to join up with some mysterious allies Covai had called the Wolfkin. They would be staying the night with these allies and in the morning begin a joint effort to scout out the Shadow-controlled lands south of the Bl
  7. OOC: In an attempt to speed things along I will be adjusting how this rp is run. From now on if more than a week passes from the time of the last post in the rp I will be posting to move the story along. If this means we move on from something before you've had a chance to post then it will simply give you more to tell in your next post. Don't worry, we won't kill off your character if we move on without you Wink and you can still follow this story and reference it in future rps as your character will still be a participant even if you drop out. So, you have one week from today
  8. Nakor waited as instructed, curious as to what idea Covai had come to. A few minutes later the Storm Leader exited along with one of his peers. Arath Faringal and Covai exchanged jibes at one another as they walked away from the Council Hall and Nakor followed to see what would come of his suggestion. He'd begun to think it was already fogotten when Covai mentioned Shienar and a group of allies he called wolfkin. Who were they? Could this be why he'd stopped short at the mention of sniffing earlier? When he spoke the two Storm Leaders seemed surprised, as if they had perhaps forgo
  9. "Well, it seems we have some similarities to our backgrounds. I have actually lost what I would call my family three times. The first was when I was but seven years old and I washed ashore in Amadicia with no memory of my family at all. I've spent many hours over the years, especially when I was younger, trying to wrack my brain for memories of my family but I've never gotten anything except my name and my shaved head that I know was tradition for the men of my family. For all I know I still have family out there looking for me but I know of no way to even begin searching. Besides, I gave
  10. Of course Nakor had heard all the grisly details of Shienar, hardly anything else had been discussed around the Farm since before his return. Many of the men of the Black Tower seemed to have lost their confidence. they no longer saw themselves as unbeatable weapons but as victims of a massacre. In the long run losing their arrogant swagger could be a great boon for the rest of the world, but right now they needed to recover at least some of their confidence or they'd be useless to the Dragon. They needed a victory, and soon; the best way Nakor knew to ensure that was to gather information
  11. OOC: Continued from An Urgent Departure IC: Owen had set them a grueling pace since leaving the Stedding. but the mission was urgent so there were no complaints. Their compassion compelled them to push on beyond what Burrich would have thought possible. Yet, when he considered the fate that awaited the young Wanderer, he found the strength to endure. The trails they were using were narrow and steep, which slowed their progress significantly. Currently, they were forced to ride single-file with the wolves ranging out in front, in the rear, and even in between riders. It had been a
  12. OOC: Continued from Searching and Journeying. IC: After dismantling the tent and packing it away Shawn buried the remains of their fire and collected the horses. He brought Sorie, Carina Sedai's stallion, over to stand beside her and waited patiently to offer her his help mounting, even if he knew she didn't need it. She seemed to just be standing there staring off into the distance, thinking of who knew what. Shawn knew better than to interrupt, so he merely stood there waiting. He was perplexed though. For all her talk of speed and urgency he had thought she'd be pleased that
  13. It didn't take long for Shawn to lose himself in the familiarity of practicing forms. His body could flow through the forms by muscle memory alone, freeing his mind for other things. He allowed himself to think of Dene for the first time in weeks. The pain of her leaving so unexpectedly was still there, but it had lessened with time and no longer had the hold on him that it once did. Considering things objectively he was forced to admit that they may not have been as perfect for each other as he'd once thought anyway. I would probably always care for her but he knew that he was nearly rec
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