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  1. OOC: This is completely open to all but I would recommend you first read the bio for Dylan Ablard and the description of the Cair Rahien. All around him people were moving about finishing up their last minute tasks, but Dylan Ablard sat in a corner booth consumed by his memories. He had grown up running around the tables here at the Cair Rahien, but even he could barely recognize the place now. The fire had utterly destroyed the home of countless generations of his family, its architecture unique as the myriad additions that shaped it. When he and his sisters first talked of rebuilding they knew from the beginning that it would be impossible to replicate the old misshapen but beloved design, and had opted instead to start from scratch with a brand new design. Still, they had salvaged what they could so peices of their childhood home were in evidence throughout the property. The four-sided fireplace at the center of the common room was just the most obvious example. It had always been the trademark feature of the inn, and was known throughout the land. Dylan and his sister had been verygrateful that it had survived the devastation of the storm two years ago. They and their older brother had learned their letters and other basic lessons sitting on the bench that circled it with their parents. Building the inn around it and its chimney served to tie the inn to its past and gave stability to his memories. Dylan was pulled sharply from his reminiscing when he heard his sisters calling for him. Looking up, he saw that all activity had stopped and the entire staff was gathered waiting for him. Standing up, he shrugged his shoulders and looked sheepishly at them before grinning to his sisters, knowing they at least would understand how bittersweet this day was for him. Walking to the stage he looked at the faces of all those who had passed his careful scrutiny as his sisters joined him, Beka on his right and Mandy his left. From stableboy to chef and laundress to busboy, every one of them represented at least five others that had applied for their position. "In just a few moments we will be opening our doors for the first time in exactly two years." Dylan paused to collect himself and stop the tears after his voice started cracking there at the end. He was a man with strong emotions, compunded by highlevels of compassion and empathy, so most here had seen him shed a tear or two, but now was not the time. Beka and Mandy stepped closer and he continued, "Every business has its ebbs and flows and I am sure we will as well. But, we have enough reservations already to ensure that we all stay very busy for at least the next month. You all know your jobs and what we expect of you. I trust each of you to do what needs doing to help the customers, but if anything comes up don't hesitate to find one of us to resolve it for you. Alright, I'll give you two minuites to ready yourselves and then I'm opening the door." As they dispersed to their posts, Dylan pulled his siters into a hug and told them, "Thank you both for staying and helping. I never could have pulled this off without you." Beka replied, "Oh Dylan, you sell yourself short. Dad would have been so proud of you." "And Mom will be too," Mandy added, "if she ever comes back from Aunt Charlotte's." With that bitter reminder of their mother's debilitating depression they embraced once more and went their seperate ways. Their jobs tonight would be to work the crowd and greet their guests. They would move through the inn at their leisure, chatting and diffusing and problems that arose. But, to start the night, Beka went to stand at the top of the stairs on the second floor, Mandy went to an area near the dance floor and Dylan stood by the front door. After another minute to collect himself Dylan put on his most disarming smile and opened the door to greet their first guests.
  2. As they rode they began seeing houses and fields along the road, gradually getting closer together as they continued. Soon enough they entered the village proper, an oval-shaped field surrounded by community buildings and homes with the road circling around it. Shawn rode to the largest building he could find, guessing correctly that it was the town's only inn. Being a small town they probably didn't get many visitors, so he wasn't surprised at all to see that they had gathered quite a crowd by the time they reached their destination. He dismounted in front of the inn and looked around. A young boy about ten years old came running up and looked at the horses and then at Shawn. He'd probably been told to fetch their horses but was too shy to ask. Shawn handed over Blaize's reins and, seeing that Carina Sedai had once again dismounted before he could offer to help, Sorei's as well. "Please bring our bags up to our rooms and be sure to rub them down. Take good care of those two and I'll reward you before we leave." The boy led the horses off, eager to prove himself, and was quickly surrounded by his young friends, while Shawn walked into the inn. A round, jolly-looking man walked up and, introducing himself, "Welcome to Roldam. Are you passing through, or will you be staying the night?" "Thank you. Yes, we will need a room please." "Yes, well, please do follow me." The innkeeper led Shawn and Carina up the stairs to a modest room with a large bed. He spent some few minutes showing them, quite proudly, all the minor features of the room until the boy from before came running up with their bags. "I'll leave you to get settled then. If you will be wanting your meal in your room just let me know, otherwise I can serve you downstairs whenever you are ready." Shawn found his bedroll and spread it out between the door and the bed then glanced up at Carina. "I will go and attempt to mingle with the men, and meet you up with you later. Before I go though I thought I would check, will you be using your true name while we are here, or do you have an alias you would prefer I use?"
  3. Five days. It had been five days since Brent's death had led to a recall of all those he had found ways to get rid of during his tenure. Just days after Brent had risen to power he had exiled Nakor to the manor house in Tear. now he had been welcomed back to the Farm, but he was finding the transition more difficult than anticipated. In Tear he had quickly earned authority and responsibility. He had grown accustomed to a certain level of admiration and respect from those around him, cherished all the more because it was earned and not gained solely by his birth as in the past. But here at the Farm he was unknown to most. They looked at him with derision and underestimated him because of his youth, his small stature, and the extended time he had spent as a Dedicated without yet earning the dragon pin of an Ashaman. It rankled. Nakor was not usually given to an arrogant nature but it was damaging to his pride to see those looks they sent his way. He knew he was smarter and stronger with Saidin than most of those in question, but he refused to sink to their level of pettiness to prove it by challenge. So he was forced by conscience to ignore them. Instead, he had recommitted himself to his oaths to become the best weapon he could for the Dragon, and to proving himself to the officers here at the Farm. He was confident that soon enough he would wear not only the dragon pin on his collar but lightning bolts on his sleeves as well. Maybe even dragons one day. To that end he had set himself to rise early every morning to practice weaves and experiment with new ones before going about his assigned tasks of teaching Soldiers, training with other Dedicated, or going on recruitment trips. This morning was no different, and when he was finished he headed to the inn to get some breakfast. On his way he spotted his old friend Tai'Dashan. He was walking toward him, hand raised in greeting, mouth open to call out, when he heard a series of explosions and saw Tai run off toward them to help. Nakor was glad he hadn't yet let go of Saidin from his practice session. maintaining his hold was easier than the struggle to grasp it, so he had taken to holding on as long as he could. Running after the Attack Leader, Nakor prepared some defensive weaves as he ran. Arriving on the scene, he was shocked at the destruction. Making his way to lend aid to Tai, he was pelted by a shower of debris. He quickly raised a shield of air, and cursed himself for not doing it sooner. He raised a wall of Earth in front of Tai, angled to cover their heads as well, and knelt down beside him. He grinned up at his old friend and asked, "You got a plan, Baijan M'hael, or do you want me to come up with one?"
  4. The fifth morning out from Tar Valon started the same as the others. Shawn and Visar led the trainees through their morning workout, then dismissed them to their chores. The troop was getting much more efficient at working together. By the time dawn's first rays began to peep over the horizon everyone had eaten, their gear was stowed and horses saddled, and the trench filled in. Shawn was proud to see that there was hardly any trace of the group having been there at all. Before they started off Shawn addressed the group of twenty trainees patiently waiting astride their horses. "You've learned now how to fortify an overnight camp. Tonight we will be establishing a longer lasting base camp that we will use for the rest of our time together. We will be teaching you over the next two weeks how to work together as a cohesive fighting unit and continuing your survival training. "There are some ruins of an old stone fortress that we should reach around noon if we push it. We will be working the rest of the day to fortify it for ourselves and transform it into a home away from home for the duration of our stay. "Alright, let's get a move on, we have a lot of ground to cover!"
  5. OOC: This is continued here : "Meet and Greet" on the Stedding board. I left it rather vague as to who is there so it is still open to anyone joining!
  6. ooc: Ok, so I'm horrible with titles get over it ;) This is Phase 1 of the interdiv rp discussed here(BT) and here(WK). As the description says, this is open to anyone from these two divisions even if you have no intention of joining the rest of the rp. ic: A few hours past noon Nakor joined a group of Ashaman and fellow Dedicated at the Traveling grounds. They were heading to join up with some mysterious allies Covai had called the Wolfkin. They would be staying the night with these allies and in the morning begin a joint effort to scout out the Shadow-controlled lands south of the Blight, what used to be Shienar and Arafel. Seeing Covai signal for him to open the Gateway Nakor took hold of Siadin and wrestled for control of it. It was easier now than it once was, but still a struggle that took all his strength. Thankful that he did not sick-up in front of so many he wove the flows to open the Gateway. On the other side stood a barefooted giant of a man wearing animal skin for pants and an open leather vest. A battle-axe hung over his shoulder and a pair of smaller axes hung from his belt, one on each hip. On his left was a massive grey wolf and on his right an only slightly smaller black she-wolf with white paws. Behind them stood an assortment of smaller wolves that looked to be adolescents. Holding Saidin Nakor knew he had nothing to fear from the giant or his companions despite the near terror their appearance invoked. But then he remembered that they would be entering a Stedding. He would be losing his connection with Saidin and be almost completely helpless. His mind was still his strongest weapon but physically he would be defenseless. He was quite happy to stand quietly in the back of the group and follow Covai's lead for the time being. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The wind stirred the leaves into miniature cyclones around his feet as Burrich considered the situation he found himself in. Growing up he'd been told stories of men who could channel, stories meant to frighten him into good behavior. He was taught to fear the very idea of men consumed by the Dark One's taint. Yet, here he stood waiting to meet a group of such men and lead them to his home and the home of those he was sworn to protect. Other Guardians and Rangers too hid silently watching amongst the trees but he alone stood at the edge of the clearing to greet their allies. Well, not quite alone. Storm Hunter and Snow Paws had decided to accompany him, along with all ten of their half-grown pups. Their presence served to calm and steady him and watching the pups wrestle entertained him while waiting. Suddenly a line appeared in midair in the center of the clearing. As it rotated to form an opening in the air Storm and Snow came to stand on either side of him. The pups, sensing the mood of their parents, quickly calmed down and ranged themselves in a rough horseshoe behind. A group of black-coated men stepped through the hole in the air. The last was an extremely short and very young man with a curious white streak running through his black hair and a silver sword pinned to his collar. As soon as this last man stepped through the hole it blinked away. Burrich cast his voice to be heard by all but met locked eyes with the one he thought to be their leader, a man with red and gold serpents etched onto his sleeves, "Welcome allies from the Black Tower. My name is Burrich Fallstar. If you would please follow me into the Stedding, I will lead you to our inn where you can enjoy refreshments as we work together to finalize our preparations for tomorrow's journey." Those were the words he'd been told to say, he only hoped they made the right impression.
  7. OOC: In an attempt to speed things along I will be adjusting how this rp is run. From now on if more than a week passes from the time of the last post in the rp I will be posting to move the story along. If this means we move on from something before you've had a chance to post then it will simply give you more to tell in your next post. Don't worry, we won't kill off your character if we move on without you Wink and you can still follow this story and reference it in future rps as your character will still be a participant even if you drop out. So, you have one week from today to post before the story moves forward. **This post will be removed when I post again next week.**
  8. Nakor waited as instructed, curious as to what idea Covai had come to. A few minutes later the Storm Leader exited along with one of his peers. Arath Faringal and Covai exchanged jibes at one another as they walked away from the Council Hall and Nakor followed to see what would come of his suggestion. He'd begun to think it was already fogotten when Covai mentioned Shienar and a group of allies he called wolfkin. Who were they? Could this be why he'd stopped short at the mention of sniffing earlier? When he spoke the two Storm Leaders seemed surprised, as if they had perhaps forgotten he was even there. He was used to that though and had long ago learned to make it an advantage. "Excuse me Sirs. I don't know who these wolfkin are that you refer to, but if you're looking for volunteers to scout Shienar I would love to be a part of the team that goes."
  9. "Well, it seems we have some similarities to our backgrounds. I have actually lost what I would call my family three times. The first was when I was but seven years old and I washed ashore in Amadicia with no memory of my family at all. I've spent many hours over the years, especially when I was younger, trying to wrack my brain for memories of my family but I've never gotten anything except my name and my shaved head that I know was tradition for the men of my family. For all I know I still have family out there looking for me but I know of no way to even begin searching. Besides, I gave all that up when I joined the Tower." He needn't tell her that he still dreamed of finding his family. His loyalty to the Tower was absolute now but it would still be nice to know where he'd come from. "You'd think that losing your family would be a singular event but for me it was not. The young couple that adopted me was a blacksmith by the name of Uzziel, and his wife Alexis. They loved me and raised me as their own and more caring parents I couldn't have asked for. Uzziel was the best man I've ever known and he taught me much that has stayed with me even now, shaping who I am, and that's in addition to starting my training at the forge. "Unfortunately, our nice peaceful family life was interrupted when an old friend of theirs showed up. Ely and Uzziel had been bestfriends from the time they could crawl up until Alexis made it clear who she would choose. Ely left their village and his bitterness led him to join the Whitecloaks. Flash forward a few years and Ely had been assigned command of the local garrison that Uzziel and I supplied arms for." They rode in silence for a few minutes while Shawn relived those dark days in flashes. "Things started out calmly enough and Uzziel and Alexis spoke on many occasions of their relief that they could renew their friendship with their childhood pal. But it soon became evident to all that Ely had never gotten over his jealousy and bitterness, that they had in fact only intensified over the years. Uzziel was executed as a darkfriend without trial and Alexis joined him when she refused to marry Ely. "I was fifteen and spent what free time I had following the Whitecloaks around pretending I was one of them. I came home just in time to see Ely turn on Alexis in murderous rage for refusing him. I rushed him and paid dearly for my folly." Many years later the scars from that whip were still criss-crossing his back. They no longer hurt but they were constant reminders of what lengths cruelty would go. "Twice then I lost my parents and this second time would lead me, after many other adventures, to joining the Tower Guard. As a trainee I met another trainee, a girl that I took an instant dislike to. Gradually that changed and we had begun to talk of marriage. My betrothal gift to her was a sword, the peice I used to prove my training complete and earn my title of Master Blacksmith. Unfortunately, all my time spent in secret trying to surprise her led her to believe I was unfaithful. She left one day without a word and I haven't seen her since. "That is the third family I said I'd lost, the future family we had planned to have together. I don't know if it's just who you are, or if you've used some trick of the Power on me, but I don't know why I've shared so much. Very few know any of this and only one other knows it all. I'm sorry if I've made you uncomfortable by sharing so much."
  10. Of course Nakor had heard all the grisly details of Shienar, hardly anything else had been discussed around the Farm since before his return. Many of the men of the Black Tower seemed to have lost their confidence. they no longer saw themselves as unbeatable weapons but as victims of a massacre. In the long run losing their arrogant swagger could be a great boon for the rest of the world, but right now they needed to recover at least some of their confidence or they'd be useless to the Dragon. They needed a victory, and soon; the best way Nakor knew to ensure that was to gather information. This was what he was going to tell the Storm leader, when suddenly Covai's expression changed. Nakor would bet his ability to channel that a possible solution had occurred to the older man. he was pushed into a walk and pointed toward the Council Hall. Then Covai asked a curious question, "Tell me Nakor, ever been to a Stedding?" "I have, Sir. Nine years ago, when I was but seven years old. I accompanied my father and brother to Stedding Shangtai to request the help of some Builders for a project the First had entrusted to them. I never did learn what the project was, I just remember the peaceful tranquility of the Stedding. Why Sir? Do you think the Ogier might somehow be able to help us?" OOC: Nakor has never even heard of the Wolfkin so he wouldn't be able to suggest the idea anyway.
  11. OOC: Continued in: The Pack Comes
  12. OOC: Continued from An Urgent Departure IC: Owen had set them a grueling pace since leaving the Stedding. but the mission was urgent so there were no complaints. Their compassion compelled them to push on beyond what Burrich would have thought possible. Yet, when he considered the fate that awaited the young Wanderer, he found the strength to endure. The trails they were using were narrow and steep, which slowed their progress significantly. Currently, they were forced to ride single-file with the wolves ranging out in front, in the rear, and even in between riders. It had been a very quiet journey. The vigorous pace left little energy for idle talk and even at night few were willing to do more than eat a quick dinner before turning in to replenish their strength for the next day. Burrich pushed himself even harder than the others. This was his first time working with the Rangers outside of training and he was anxious to prove himself worthy of joining their ranks in truth instead of only as a Guardian. Owen's command to seek out a campsite came much earlier than expected, but despite the urgency of their mission they were all relieved at the unexpected extra hours of rest it would bring. As they turned the next bend the trail widened and Burrich left his place in line and made his way to the front, then gave Midnight a nudge and took off running with Storm Hunter right beside him. A short way prior to where he estimated the party would make by lunch a small stream crossed the trail. Turning off the path he followed the water back toward its source. What he found was a collection of boulders, the apparent result of some long ago rockslide. The boulders were spread in two lines that formed an open-faced triangle, the back half covered over with slabs of rock to form a natural rooftop. A better location he didn't think he'd find if he searched for another week. He dismounted and walked into the clearing to explore. The area had plenty of grass for the horses and the covered area was more than large enough for all of them. It was even large enough for their mounts if the weather turned against them. The stream he'd been following came out of a cave in the back wall. He could see that it opened into a fair sized chamber but he wasn't able to squeeze through the opening no matter how he tried. With the time he had left before the rest of the party arrived Burrich did what he could to set up camp. He collected wood and got a fire going then ran a rope across the third side of the triangular camp. The lightweight rope would not be enough to truly hold the horses, but they were all well-trained and only needed to know what the boundaries of the camp were and could then be trusted to stay with them. Burrich sent Storm back to the main trail to lead the rest of the party in and spent his time waiting for them by exploring some more. Hopefully the morning's shortened journey would lead to an opportunity to get better acquainted with some of those in the party.
  13. OOC: Continued from Searching and Journeying. IC: After dismantling the tent and packing it away Shawn buried the remains of their fire and collected the horses. He brought Sorie, Carina Sedai's stallion, over to stand beside her and waited patiently to offer her his help mounting, even if he knew she didn't need it. She seemed to just be standing there staring off into the distance, thinking of who knew what. Shawn knew better than to interrupt, so he merely stood there waiting. He was perplexed though. For all her talk of speed and urgency he had thought she'd be pleased that his preparations would afford them and earlier start. He expected her to leap onto her mount and ride away as soon as the tent was packed. As it was she seemed not to even notice he was waiting. Finally she acknowledged that he was waiting for her, but only to announce a change of plans. Traveling?!? He'd heard of it of course, rumors had been flying around the Yard about this ability the Aes Sedai had somehow rediscovered, but he'd never seen it done. Not knowing himself how Blaize would react, Shawn put an arm under the stallion's neck and pulled him close to whisper comfort in his ear should it prove necessary. Suddenly a line appeared in the air and rotated to form a square large enough for him to ride through. Amazing! Looking through the gateway he saw a grassy plain in darkness. Morning light bathed the clearing where they stood, so it was clear to Shawn that the other side of the gate was in the West and still a few hours away from dawn. Shawn mounted up and tied Sorei's reins to the back of his saddle. he had no idea what was on the other side so he wanted his hands unencumbered. He reached over his shoulder to draw his katana and readied a knife for throwing in his left hand, then nudged Blaize forward with his knees. On the other side Shawn glanced around then made a quick circuit around the gateway, apprehensive at the risk of possibly being unknowingly surrounded. Satisfied that the plain was safe enough he signaled to Carina and she walked through, the gateway blinking out behind her. She'd mounted before he had the chance to offer his assistance and he prayed she didn't think him rude for the neglect. Handing her back her reins he nodded toward where the gateway had been, "Well, that was something alright. Shave several weeks off our trip at least. If you are ready, I believe I saw a road over that way." A few minutes later they found the road and followed it south. His previous attempts had met with mixed results but Shawn was determined to get to know his traveling companion better. Besides, riding in silence served no one. "So tell me, Carina Sedai, if you don't mind that is, have you any family out in the world? Any descendants of other relatives that you've kept in touch with over the years?"
  14. It didn't take long for Shawn to lose himself in the familiarity of practicing forms. His body could flow through the forms by muscle memory alone, freeing his mind for other things. He allowed himself to think of Dene for the first time in weeks. The pain of her leaving so unexpectedly was still there, but it had lessened with time and no longer had the hold on him that it once did. Considering things objectively he was forced to admit that they may not have been as perfect for each other as he'd once thought anyway. I would probably always care for her but he knew that he was nearly recovered from the loss. He might not be ready for another relationship like that for some time yet, but he was content with himself once again and that was enough for now. He was aware of Carina Sedai leaving her tent and watching him work, but he was too disciplined to let it affect his routine. If she spoke or otherwise showed that she needed him he would stop in an instant but until then he would finish what he'd started. She moved toward to a seat by the fire and continued to watch. Flowing through the dance that he'd made his own he was at the far end of the camp and facing away from his audience as he finished. Perhaps that was good. There was no need for her to see how much joy he received from his training, from feeling his body and swords working as one. He sheathed the blades and turned toward the fire, an expression of mere happiness rather than disturbing joy upon his face. "Good morning. You're working up quite an appetite. Whatever you have there, it smells delicious." "And good morning to you as well, Carina Sedai. Yes, I suppose I am a bit hungry at that. Thank you for the compliments, let's hope it tastes as good as it smells." Shawn took one of the little packets he'd made and unfolded it to reveal the cooked fish surrounded by herbs, and handed it to his companion. "The outer leaf serves as a plate, but the inner leaf is edible and hold fish caught this morning in the river and herbs. The entire thing can be eaten so you needn't worry about bones or anything else. I hope you enjoy." Shawn took another packet for himself and explained his plans for the morning. "I've made extra here that we can keep with us and have for lunch later. Everything else is packed and the horses are groomed and saddled. I will pack up the tent while you enjoy your breakfast and we can get going as soon as you're ready."
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