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Verin is:


This is it! Choose your side! Verin is:  

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  1. 1. This is it! Choose your side! Verin is:

    • Black Ajah
    • A direct servant of the Creator
    • Secret "purple" Ajah
    • Just Verin (Brown Ajah)
    • Unknown (I'm not quite sure yet)
    • My mother
    • Something else and stop this Verin madness!!!!

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Verin is just Verin. If she's Purple Ajah, she's the only member, as she always does what she thinks is best (under the Light, she's no DarkFriend) in her own way. But I'm very curious whether we will read about what drives her exactly. We first see Verin in Fal Dara, where she immediately places herself in the center of things. I wonder how she knew about Rand: did she figure it out right there, or did she much earlier? I mean, did she suspect Moiraine and Siuan during New Spring and started to follow them back then?

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The hell'd this Purple Ajah nonsense pop up from?  She's clearly of the Pink Ajah.

I myself subscribe to the 'Orange Ajah' and "Verin is Bela" schools of thought.


The cylon joke was funny. I've only watched the show up to the 2nd season so no spoilers please. ;)



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"I sit, therefore I am a sitter." Their logic makes the White Ajah look like babbling fools who still feel emotion.


Look, I can do it. I think, therefore you are not. See? Its easy. I hope my boss doesnt see me on the internet.


DSage, can you provide equal proof that Verin is in the Pink Ajah? The Burgandy Ajah HAS to exist, because Im supposed to be the quintessential good guy leader so that means I cant possibly be lying. Thats all the proof I need.

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