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  1. Wasn't there supposedly some sections of the books Sanderson did that Jordan had already finished including a lot of the ending? Did we ever find out explicititly which those were and did that change anyone's mind who thought Sanderson did a poor job only to find out whoops Jordan did that chapter?
  2. I would dislike any major changes to plots or characters from the books but I'm not at all against adding things that logically might have occurred behind the scenes if it helps the video version move along. These things happened and as long as the fit what we know it actually gives us more. It's sort of like I wish we could get a Mat and Tuon after series but know we never will.
  3. This is why having Thom is so important. His nephew channeling and being brought down by the Red Ajah could be fleshed out more and if Rand is Dragon is delayed showing concern that he might be hunted by the Reds can be a real diversion tactic. BTW, if they do show Logain being hunted do they need to introduce Cadsuane much earlier than the books? Also in reference to characters not being used early for a short snippet and then disappear for a few years I wonder if there will be flashbacks to the prequel to reveal more about Moriane, Lan, Siuan and Elaida.
  4. I see a lot of discussion about getting rid of Caemlyn altogether and having Elayne, Galad and Gawyn show up at Tar Valon. Rand never goes to Tar Valon so does this change also intend to totally remake the plot with either Rand going there or removing Elayne as a romantic interest? If she is removed as his romantic interest is there a reason to have her at all?
  5. I agree with WB that a bunch of secondary and tertiary characters will be merged. No need to have 200 different Aes Sedai showing up for a few seconds or at most minutes at a time. Unsure about The Forsaken. They are the biggest baddies and Raef said it was hard for hire really good actors to play characters who disappear for several seasons. If they can show up for one or two consecutive seasons before being destroyed then maybe they all get their airtime. BTW, in LOTR they got a few really good actors because they loved the books. Is their any word of any major actors who are angling to get some small parts because they love WOT?
  6. I don't understand why so many want major plot revisions. Sure they can't afford all of the locations but cutting Caemlyn where so much happens? If they do a lot of that it will be so far from the books that I'm not sure I would watch anymore. I just had a hard time watch part of the theatrical version (in error) of LOTR and had to turn it off after they cut so much. But at least they didn't do radical changes all the time. I've never liked when Hollywood buys the rights to any book (say Robin Hood) and changes it so much it's almost unrecognizable. I wonder why they bought it in the first place instead of just coming up with something similar they didn't have to pay a lot of money for only to change. My suggestions would be to combine a lot of the smaller locations but not actually let us know it's the same location. Change a few things and Baerlon and Whitebridge can double for each other as can several of the even smaller ones. Minor plot lines and characters will have to be trimmed but only so the major plots and characters can stay and certainly not so new major characters or plots are invented.
  7. I actually don't get the drop Elaida stuff since she becomes Amyrlin. Someone has to become Amyrlin so why not her? I guess she could show up later as could Elaine and her brothers but I believe they're all intersected and important.
  8. Yes, I'm also skeptical. You'll have to the same as the book readers and imagine them in your mind.
  9. I'd say in the middle late books like Winter's Heart they could speed up the dreariness of the waiting by just showing montages of the weeks going by and just doing a scene or two from each camp here and there without doing every detail. Visuals can be a big help in moving things along that words struggle with. A lot will depend on ratings. The more popular the more even Amazon will be in no hurry for it to end. If the ratings are middling then a rushed and eventually curtailed product will end with a whimper.
  10. OK, so looking at IMDB at The Wheel of Time I noticed there were some cast members that haven't been mentioned and also some that don't even give the character they are portraying. So let the speculation begin. Naana Agyei Ampadu - Danya (I can't remember any character with that name in the books) Maria Doyle Kennedy - no character given Kate Fleetwood - Liandrin (I hadn't heard of this maybe some of you had) Priyanka Bose - Alanna Mosvani Peter Franzen - no character given Stuart Graham - no character given Daryl McCormack - no character given Taylor Napier - Maksim (I don't remember this character either)
  11. Moiraine / Rosamund Pike has the Eddard Stark / Sean Bean role in the first season. She she's a veteran actress who will be the initial center of attraction to get everything started. She doesn't get killed like Stark but the emphasis shifts away. I rememeber the first time I read the book and at first she was the most interesting character through which everything flowed. Lan was next and the kids slowly emerged as it went on.
  12. I somehow remember thinking Faile was vaguely Turkish. North African is close to that though. A little Mongolian influence with the horses and battle from them?
  13. I agree with Morena Baccarin for Moirraine. She has that ageless look and her former work would be a plus to be added to the new unknowns for the main five (Rand, Nyneave, Perrin, Matt and Egeene). I’m pretty sure casting will get it right though like they did on SOF&I/GOT.
  14. This is the same Mat who rescued Aes Sedai who he owed nothing toward and then Moiraine in Finnland. He gripes but does what is right.
  15. I believe he thinks to himself somewhere that he can't remember Bode's face.
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