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  1. I somehow remember thinking Faile was vaguely Turkish. North African is close to that though. A little Mongolian influence with the horses and battle from them?
  2. I agree with Morena Baccarin for Moirraine. She has that ageless look and her former work would be a plus to be added to the new unknowns for the main five (Rand, Nyneave, Perrin, Matt and Egeene). I’m pretty sure casting will get it right though like they did on SOF&I/GOT.
  3. This is the same Mat who rescued Aes Sedai who he owed nothing toward and then Moiraine in Finnland. He gripes but does what is right.
  4. I believe he thinks to himself somewhere that he can't remember Bode's face.
  5. I've never thought he was anti-female either. More about revealing that absolute power corrupts any group. There are examples of abuse of power from the countries run by men (Tear) as well.
  6. I picked Asmodean who is very underrated with his Couladin coup and almost getting the most powerful angreal. I think Semirhage and her placing herself within the Seanchan along with murdering the Imperial family should be included.
  7. She channels in a panic to save herself or perhaps more interestingly to save Mat. Changes occur after that.
  8. To be clear Bela's female and eliminated right?
  9. Has Rand experienced the nausea once he used the true power?
  10. Cadsuane did know but didn't tell Rand. He does have sworn Brown sisters but doesn't trust them. Min was basically a pupil of Harid Fel and is continuing the research that Rand asked of him. It is hard to know how many books she has read but just the ones listed in the books would likely be more than a dozen (that would be a tedious project to go back and list and count) and that doesn't include any not mentioned. She has nothing else to do in what must be a lot of spare time and has become quite adept at research and is completely loyal to Rand. Plus she's hot, wears tight pants and has a way to settle down his temper and distrust.
  11. My opinion is unchanged. I always felt the characters had to have troubles to grow into what they needed to be at the end. How boring if they were exactly the same the whole time. I have always liked the big 5 (Perrin, Mat, Rand, Egwene and Nynaeve) and love the way they've grown while not realizing the others have too. I sometimes think about some random Two Rivers character thinking back five years to when they were all just kids and how now they are in charge of the world.
  12. Seed? The Nym became a seed and was planted as a tree. Doubt that is what is meant especially since in that reference the seed is helping the DO. Also hard to guess what ancient wrong is from the evil side.
  13. Meaning he could only run in the wolf dream?
  14. I think that the link broke when the door melted. Think of modern communications and how data links are constructed. This wasn't set up with an auto backup feature through the other door or TOG, so link down severing occurs.
  15. Doesn't Elaine or Aviendha have a terangreal that makes the wielder invisible to the shadow that looks like a black hand? Or am I remembering that wrong and it's a black something else.
  16. If Thom wasn't in love with Moiraine then why would he risk his life for her and be moping around for two books? No this was no surprise, there were many hints along the way.
  17. I see several requests about Moiraine threads but I request a thread about how Lanfear and Moiraine lose power. There were many theories about this beforehand. Also about the sangreal she received. Was that Lanfears, a powerful mising one or a new one she wished for?
  18. Perhaps I was unclear on your meaning but you initially wrote "I think hes been in Saldaea taking advantage of Basheres absence". I proposed a Lan vs Demandred meeting if Demandred was actually in Saldea as you wrote. Your reply seems more like what I suspected with him influencing the borderland military so we might be in agreement.
  19. Sorry Drekka but with Lan going through Saldea early in his march to Tarwin's Gap I don't think Lan vs Demandred is in the cards so early. My guess is he's one of the influential military leaders with the borderland rulers because what they are doing is so against normal borderland action that someone must be "persuading" them and that could be the army he's talking about.
  20. I wonder if their will be a "Gandalf" moment where she re-appears and there is confusion as to who she is, whether she's good or evil and then a big reveal. Both characters were big influential magic wielders who were lost early and not expected to return. So is there a LOTR nod coming up?
  21. Concerning whether Tuon's mother had any ability isn't it thought it is somewhat inherited? If so she the gene is in her family somewhere. Could Tuon have actually channelled unknowingly like Rand with Bella giving her an advantage over her sisters?
  22. Rand hit it off with Min first in Baerlon and although he wasn't in love they were good friends and he was always glad to see her and even thought about her when away from her. She did force herself on him because of her viewing but I believe she already had feelings for him. He certainly needs her by the time she "forces" herself and I believe he would be insane without her. Don't forget the scenes in Caemlyn when Rand feel off the wall and Elayne was very intrigued with him and Rand was tongue tied. After breaking up with Egwene Elayne is the first girl / woman that Rand falls for. It does seem the least loving of the three but I think some just don't like Elaine and let that color how they think Rand should feel. Aviendha is the last of the three he meets and while Rand is tied in knots don't forget Aviendha, like Min, sees her future in Rhuidean and knows she will be with Rand. Their's is the most interesting because of their culture clash. There certainly seems to be some forcing by the wheel in his relationships and I can't wait to see why and how the three aid him in the last two books.
  23. They have to put in the product placement Tor has sold. ;D
  24. It seems very similar to Vin's earring. An easily overlooked thing talked about a lot that no one gives any thought to as any thing but what it appears. I don't have any idea what else they could do but it does sort of fit Brandon's comments.
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