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  1. Xar

    Verin is:

    Well it's been a while since i posted at all but i could'nt resist the temptation. I think some people (including myself) were pretty surprised haha.
  2. Strange since the post at the titke states they have 9 podacsts waiting to be edited. I'm starting to get shaky hands from missing out....
  3. Yessssss!!!! Finally, my fingers hurt from pushing the F5 button al these weeks. Thanks guy's!
  4. Shave her head and don't look her in the eye!
  5. This SUCKS!!!!! Why do fans in Europe get left out of this. I can't buy it...
  6. 100 points for every update on the 4th age. Can't get enough of the podcasts!
  7. I think that the Dark One will not be killed but just sealed in once more. If he would be killed then that would be the end of "The Wheel turns on etc. etc. He has never been killed before so i don't see any reason why that would be the case this time. This is just from the top of my head so i maybe having the facts all wrong but that's how i came to understand "the Books". Greetz
  8. This settles it once and for all... ;D GreetZ Xar
  9. Matt is simply the best and most enjoyble character in WOT...
  10. Quote: As for the secret Ajah... were has it been all this time? It'd be the same as revealing the Black Ajah at this time. It'd leave you thinking "What have you been up to when the world burns?" I don't think some mysterious group would emerge on the eve of the final battle, kinda cheesy, no? Well they are secret so it has been here. It would be typically for an AS to form such a group no? If they take an Oath something like "to do all things necessary to see the light victorious in TG or so". It would raise my respect for AS if there is a group that is'nt busy with plotting and sceaming against each other. Or is that just wishfull thinking ;D
  11. I don't think that her role will be that minimal Goramier. She is in fact one of two people who knows where to find the Horn. Verin is a wild card but she is an important one. At least i hope so. But then again we know that not all of our questions will or can be answered so maybe her mysteries won't be explained.
  12. Thanks for replying rhadamanthus and Mr Ares. No. She might do it by herself, but no secret Ajahs. No. We have seen what happens when two Oaths contradict. She would have to remove the Oath against untruth, and she hasn't. Are these confirmed facts i.e. by RJ or is this your opinion? Another quote from Verin is also lightly disturbing in chapter 11 of LoC Verin reflect ons Rhand's power and say's (translated from dutch): "How many sister would be needed to shield him and control him. All thirteen? Normaly it was only a habit but with him it could actualy be needed. It would at least have to be considered for a next time." I don't like that. ;D
  13. In my third re-read of WOT i stumbled upon the phrase of Verin and her 70 year old project. A search on Dragonmount brought up this topic. 22 pages long i must admit i did;nt read al of them. I hope te re-activate this topic and combine our knowledge to find out what Verin is up to. There are a lot of theories but still remains unclear if i'm not mistaking: - What is her project? - Where lies her alliegence? - Is it HER project or is she working with others? Could there be another secret Ajah that Verin is part of that is only dedicated to seeing that the Last Battle will be won for the light? If she took another Oath for this reason could that make it possible for her to lie?
  14. Hello my fellow readers! Just for fun, curiosity and maybe inspiration I'm wondering if you guy's ever listen to music when you're reading WOT? And if you do what kind of music it is that gets you even more into the books? I love to read WOT in my Fatboy sit sack with a glass of wine on a rainy afternoon with some LOTR music in the background. This is of course the most ideal situation ;D. Let me know Greetz Xar.
  15. I thought this topic would be about Stasis boxes. Seems we lost that subject a few pages back... ;D
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