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  1. Forgive my ignorance but I can't recall if they did or didn't know Mat and Perrin were Ta'veren. Does anyone remember?
  2. I was just expecting you know someone to lose a limb or something or see something actually happen. And I agree... Harry was pointed in the right direction to much. She kind of made him kind of... dumb isn't the word I would use but I will because I can't think of a better word right now ha. Haha no problem. I've never heard that joke before but I'm telling everyone I know haha. Hey no fair, I defended it ha. Like I said before, I acknowledge that waiting that long for a resolution sucked, but I just started reading the series not that long ago so of course it wasn't as bad for me as it was for everyone who started reading the series when it first came out. Agree ^.^ I can't wait to see the outcome of that whole situation. The SAS actually seem to be doing something while the WT Aes Sedai are arguing over whos Ajah is better.
  3. I guess I'm missing out on all the goodies that are buried in all those threads... guess I'll have to read them all haha. My poor husband, I'm sticking him with the kids this weekend Mwahahahahaha! That's what he gets for being gone for two weeks.
  4. Oh god no I hate numbers! They always get the best of me ha.
  5. Never thought I would see biology applied to WoT like that haha. That really makes everything much more clear ^.^
  6. It does look pretty good, I would go nuts trying to do something like that online because, well, technology hates me and it never works right for me haha. I'm really liking it ^.^
  7. Difficult to read? That's the best euphemism I've heard in a while. Your welcome? Haha
  8. Haha yeah I did too. All the other books I devoured and then I got to those books and I just couldn't read it all in a couple days like the other books. I had to force myself to read them. Yes I got it ^.^ Haha
  9. Good so now that's all resolved I hope ^.^ Yeah CoT was very difficult to read and so was PoD. Perhaps the fact I just started the series not long ago is part of the reason why I don't really have a problem with it. It's like... Harry Potter. I greatly enjoyed all the books until I got to beek seven. I was extremely disappointed with the last battle between Harry and Voldemort. It was over and done in like two seconds. I was so disappointed. So I see what you mean about sitting there and waiting for the next book and it's nothing like you thought. Perhaps I would feel the way you do if I had started reading the series back then, but alas, I didn't and I couldn't haha. I guess the only thing we can do is agree to disagree?
  10. Where did you find it at? Just randomly online? or something? To bad you don't know who, it's amazing none the less ^.^
  11. That would make a lot of sense Durinax. I wish we knew more about his motivation and methods. Seems like a fascinating angle RJ never got around to showing us, though hopefully Sanderson will in the last few books! Hope you guys don't mind I did that (hopefully you know what I mean haha, I find it hard to explain things sometimes.) Anywho, Durinax, never thought of that before and I agree Arkelias, it wouldhave been nice to see what was going on about that whole thing. Personally I think Sanderson is a really good author so I have my fingers crossed that somehow he'll answer this question in the series ^.^
  12. I'd tell you to read up on the Schutzstaffel, but it's pretty bloody depressing, so I won't. Haha fair enough, I don't want to be depressed right now haha.
  13. If it makes you feel better, there are some really, really awful "books" written about Azeroth aka Warcraft. And yes, it was a reference to the Horde, the principal antagonists of the first two and a half Warcraft games, and the wary ally of the third. Oh, and En Taro Adun was the greeting of the Protoss, from yet another Blizzard game. Ahh, my misspent youth! Haha I remember seeing there were some Warcraft books when I was in the book store a couple weeks ago. I remember thinking "What in the world?" When I saw them.
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