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  1. I know this has been answered in a few places probably, but why was Demandred being Logain ruled out? (I'm only asking because it was said in the last book that Demandred would only laugh once he'd killed the Dragon. And there was a vision that involved Logain laughing maniacally over Rand's corpse that wasn't really Rand's corpse. Plus killing the Dragon would be the very definition of glory for Demandred, and Min saw the aura of glory around Loghain, did she not?) I think I might have asked the question somewhere in the past and I do remember receiving some concrete proof that ruled out that possibility. Yet now I can't recall it. So please refresh my memory and put an end to my suspicions.
  2. It is impossible. Of that I have no doubt in my mind. WoT, isn't a series that would end with the DO winning.
  3. Technically Mat's the best. I voted Rodel Ituralde though because I don't like the way Mat got his abilities.
  4. Pretty sure RJ said he didn't change anything because people had guessed it. So that can be ruled out I dont see how it can be ruled out just because he said so. RJ would have looked pretty ridiculous if he had actually said "Hey, I meant Demandred to pose as Taim, but I changed it, because everyone figured it out". Of course he'd deny it.
  5. I would probably join the Black Ajah. If that wasn't an option.. well.. White or Brown perhaps. Maybe Blue.
  6. So if he isn't real then wtf is Shaidar Haran?
  7. That's some really awkward sentence structure there, Mr Ares.Thank you. I do be like striving for that and is well chuffed you noticed innit.Your welcome. For the record, the word is "isn't it", not "innit"A lesser man would take the opportunity to point out that that should be "you're welcome", and there should be a full stop after "innit", but I would never do something like that. Not necessarily a lesser man. Grammar nazis deserve to have their eyes poked out with their own grammar errors.
  8. I'd recommend A Song of Ice and Fire and First Law trilogy as well. Also, Mr Ares, how is Best Served Cold (compared to the First Law trilogy)? I will not have the chance to get the book in a couple of years probably, so I'm fishing for information wherever I can =D
  9. Ferro Maljinn (not sure if I got the name right) vs. Birgitte Logen Ninefingers/Bloody-Nine vs. Perrin Sand dan Glokta vs Tyrion Lannister (not sure what the battlefield should be. Something where the more intelligent one with greater strenth of character would be deemed winner). Oh and EDIT: Make this a free-for-all match, add Thom Merrilin as well.
  10. I think it goes like this: Lanfear > Semirhage > Graendal > Mesaana > Moghedien Semirhage and Graendal might be the other way around.
  11. Well many(okay, few) of the choices for the female characters were spot on. Most of the choices for male cast I did not like that much.
  12. Rest in peace David. I'm generally not one to look for murder in celebrity suicides[deaths], but in this case I find it highly unlikely he killed himself.
  13. And if they succeeded. Then again that duo carries a very low risk of failure. Anyways if Sanderson did that I would build him a monument.
  14. Actually now that I think of it, Rand with Lews Therin in his head, is definitely the most dangerous. Rabid dog sort of dangerous. You can never know when he loses control/his mind and starts wreaking havoc. Too bad I can not change the vote.
  15. Ooh I forgot about Graendal and Semirhage. They're not on the poll though =( Mm, anyways, what do you mean by unbalanced. About Moridin that is. Rand I can understand. It seems to me Moridin has everything calculated out. Plus he's been the source of most bad things over the 3000 years which in itself should give grounds to beware of whatever he has planned.
  16. Moridin would murder your family. I vote Moridin. Although, Shaidar Haran might be tougher than him.
  17. I'd definitely be Elan Morin Tedronai to Ishamael to Moridin.
  18. From the poll I can see that I have 3 brothers that I never met.
  19. There are some people who consider Taim and his merry bunch iffy. I am not sure about Noal, that's for sure. Bashere seems okay atm, but I'm not a hundred percent about him either. Verin's odd too.
  20. Yeah about that.. I'm pretty sure Ishamael is/was stronger than Demandred in One Power. I believe it was said somewhere that he equaled LTT. It was said, however, that Demandred was the next man on the list in everything after LTT. Don't know why that is since Ishamael was stronger than Demandred in the One Power(given that he was [almost]equal to LTT). Ishamael was also a well known and highly rated philosopher/theologist. And Ishamael got a third name for his accomplishments and if memory serves, Demandred did not. So yeah, I really don't see him as the eternal second, he was worth less than Ishamael aswell. Best thing is, he went over to the shadow for being number two to LTT only to be second to Ishamael. Ha.
  21. Congratulations, you convinced me. You got those two series a new client (reader).
  22. Perhaps converting him back will be one of the nine impossible things that Rand will do.
  23. Hmh, I don't know about Perrin. If we didn't have his POV, I wouldn't mind him. Lets face it, he has achieved a lot, had some great victories. Too bad I get to read his thoughts and thus know that he didn't really want to do any of that, he'd rather have been in the smithy than take part of saving the world, and that he'd have let the world fall as long as he could have saved Faile (whether he said that in a desperate moment out of frustration or not, it was still a very strong thing to say). It would have been awesome if Ishamael kept closer tabs on him and realized the obsession and tried to convert him to shadow in exchange for Faile (I mean, if Ishamael told Perrin that Faile was to be given to say Semirhage and the only way to get her off the hook was to switch sides). Now that would have been a good decision to make him face. Perhaps he'd man the f up then. I would post on how much I hate Nynaeve but her marrying Lan seems to have done something for that 20ish-years-old woman to finally trigger the process of growing up and since then she has gotten much, much more tolerable. >But who do I hate? Hate is a strong word that could only have been applied to pre-marriage Nynaeve. I do feel strong dislike towards Cadsuane and Elayne though.
  24. Well I wouldn't want to see that fight. There's only one person who in my view is able to fight on par with Lan without using the Power. And that person is Elyas Machera, not Tam al'Thor. I'm afraid Lan would kill Tam pretty easily, so yeah I wouldn't want to see that fight. Tam is a nice guy, watching him killed by another person on the good guys' side wouldn't be that fun.
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