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  1. There were multiple generals. LTT was just the commander-in-chief.
  2. That's not true. Mat remembers scaling a sheer cliff to break into a prison and free fifty prisoners (Winter's Heart, Ch.19). Definition of adventuring. The reason why so many of Mat's memories that we see are of generals and soldiers is simply because he finds himself in similar situations. They feed on the emotions, feelings and memories and in doing so, apparently form a link with that individual until their death. And as Suttree stated, the memories were edited. They don't want Mat to win.
  3. It seems to me as though Malkier was the exception rather than the norm. Queen Ethinelle of Kandor referred to the wife of King Paitar of Arafel by her given name without any title attached. But to be honest, that could go either way I suppose.
  4. I'm not sure why that would ruin the series for you but alright. Anyways. We don't know how it will end up. Padan Fain did murder Perrin's family, so if the truth came to light (from the reformed Dain Bornhald), Perrin could seek Fain out. It's all speculation. And Perrin won't become a king. He's the Steward of the Two Rivers, bannerman of Queen Elayne. If Queen Tenobia and Lord Davram Bashere dies, Faile becomes Queen of Saldea, where husbands of queens have considerable power. And if Faile dies, he could end up being crowned the King of Saldea. In that case, Perrin would still not be king. He would be Prince Consort and would have no personal power other than those derived from his title of Steward of the Two Rivers and liege lord of Queen Alliandre.
  5. I'm not sure why that would ruin the series for you but alright. Anyways. We don't know how it will end up. Padan Fain did murder Perrin's family, so if the truth came to light (from the reformed Dain Bornhald), Perrin could seek Fain out. It's all speculation. And Perrin won't become a king. He's the Steward of the Two Rivers, bannerman of Queen Elayne.
  6. Pretty much. Couladin was ambitious and Asmodean and the Dragon tattoos gave him the means to achieve that ambition.
  7. Well, killing a blademaster has nothing to do with it. You just need to prove your skill. Only the Whitecloaks "Duel Under the Light" or whatever it's called involved death. You just need to defeat a blademaster in single combat in order to become one, not kill him. Yep, doesn't have to be killing. Either defeat a blademaster in single combat or be approved unanimously by five blademaster judges.
  8. I find it unlikely that Demandred is leading Murandians at the "Battle of Caemlyn," due to the simple fact that I can't see an entire army fight alongside Shadowspawn. The entire Murandian army can't be Darkfriends. As for the future of Murandy, it won't become a regional power unless some drastic happens to the Seanchan, Andor (and its allies, The Two Rivers and Ghealdan) and Illian.
  9. That's the point. It hasn't been proven that Nail or Aglemar are great Captains. But when the others have been put to the test only Ituralde has proven that his is truly a great Captain. Basher and Byrne have not excelled when they have been given the chance to. There is a list as long as my arm of people who have demonstrated that they are great military leaders all throughout the story. But to be a Great Captain. Well that is something that doesn't seem to be of great value. That is the equivalent of one observing the life of Hannibal Barca after the First Punic war and declaring that since he did not participate in any battle for the rest of his life, he was not a great general. Yes, there are many capable commanders in the story but there is a clear distinction and separation between them and the Five Great Captains. For example, Lord Baldhere, the general of Kandor is said to be a good commander yet he is not seen as a Great Captain.
  10. Never was a fan of MASH. Supply and logistics are among the most important aspects of warfare. If it weren't, for example, Russians would be speaking French today. Or German. To think otherwise is naivete. You mean he lead a successful siege. It worked out in the end. That's unlikely. By saying he was behind Egwene, he basically stated that his army would follow her even if the she were deposed. What has Agelmar Jagad done in the books? Or Pedron Niall? Or Demandred? Or Rand/LTT? Just because we have not seen them command armies in battle does not diminsh their abilities. Actually, it was Myrelle's warder Nuhel who stated to the rebels that he was a Great Captain. He stated it as if it were a common fact and said that if the rebels intended to take Tar Valon, they would need one of the Five Great Captains (Bashere and Jagad wouldn't leave the Blight, Niall is a Whitecloak, and Ituralde is somewhere in Arad Doman.) Hardly sounds like Aes Sedai propaganda.
  11. Alexander the Great. Mr Ares just listed several of them. So you're admitting your not being objective? Every battle could have been a defeat for the Seanchan, but they were victorious. The Children of the Light switched sides after the Battle of Jeramel. Queen Tylin. Are you saying that the Seanchan conquered Altara too easily? I don't get this reasoning. Rand was hammering them initially, but the Seanchan, like they do in every war adapted to his tactics. If Rand had stopped like Bashere and Gregorin recommended, it would've have been a victory. When he pressed on towards Ebou Dar, the Seanchan stopped him. It was a stalemate and both sides believed it was a defeat. Rand used Callandor because the tide of the battle shifted. Read my previous comment and tPoD. The Consolidation was 800 years. It officially ended 200 years before the series. It is unlikely there are any rogue damane. Just because the Consolidation only ended 200 years ago does not mean the Seanchan were not in control of the majority of the continent. I may have eaten the first three courses of my dinner but I am not necessarily finished with it. The Seanchan have fought well against the Asha'man. They fought them to a stalemate in Altara/Illian and in Aviendha's vision, they destroyed the Black Tower, so they are more than able to go toe to toe with them. The Seanchan rule an empire... a collection of kingdoms. They also allow these kingdoms to exist as they did (with their traditions and governments) before the Seanchan conquered them so long as they swear fealty. You're implying that these means the Seanchan have loose control over these subject kingdoms when the opposite is the case. Fighting rebellions is something the Seanchan do on a regular basis. They have a successful history fighting rebellions... it's not likely that will change. Like I said earlier, the Seanchan are an empire of kingdoms. If I recall correctly, it simply says that the "Raven Empire sent word to the Far Ones" to attack from the east. Shara could either be subject to the Empire or an ally. It's not clear.
  12. The lightning was caused by Rahvin else Mat, Aviendha and the others would still be dead when Rand balefire-d him.
  13. Demanded definitely has had his hand in different plots but I find it hard to believe that he is operating mainly in the Blight or Murandy. In regards to the former, yes Demandred was perhaps the greatest field general the Shadow had but if I'm recalling correctly, Ishamael was the overal strategist and commander as was his counterpart, Lewd Therin. Instead of gathering Shadowspawn, he is controlling a throne which the term "rule seems to indicate" and has consolidated his forces. As for the latter, Murandy seems to fit Demandred especially since King Roedran has magically turned into a shrewd politician and has united Murandy. However, the armies of the nations surrounding Murandy are more than double the size of Murandy's. I'm growing warm to the idea that Demandred is in Shara. There was/is political instability which would allow him to seize power and they have a strong army as well as large amounts of channelers. There is also the matter of the Sharan seen in Tear in KoD who may have been a possible spy as Sharan traders or merchants do not leave their trade cities.
  14. Moridin seems to be in overall command of the Shadow's forces as he did in the War of Power so it is unlikely Demandred was referencing control of the Shadowspawn especially since Moridin's headquarters is in the Blight. As for Demandred influencing the mercenary bands around Caemlyn it is also unlikely especially since we haven't seen that large a gathering of Darkfriends in one place.
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