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  1. I think all the ta'veren have extraordinary luck. It is just more relevant to Mat because he is the gambler. Perrin has even commented on his own luck related to being ta'veren before. I bet if Rand went to a tavern (I bet you read this as ta'veren at first) and started rolling some dice we'd see some extraordinary results too. Now if he ever would is a different issue. The coinage of "Mat's luck" is only necessary to his character because he is the one gambling all the time. You could even look at it as symbol for Rand's and Perrin's luck, it's easier to understand Mat's because it is ga
  2. Sorry, but that's complete rubbish. Being bigger does not automatically mean better in a battle. For example the Romans, who were very short people, kicked the asses of Celts, who were generally much bigger than they were. Greeks prized short and stocky men in their phalanxes because a low center of gravity is better in a pushing match, I know the Aiel dont fight in phalanxes, but still, the claim that those who were shorter and more compact would have a significant disadvantage when fighting is ludicrous. In the waste, tall people would have ended up skinny and emaciated as they wouldn't
  3. Definitely Elayne, just to see what she's like. It'd probably be fun to push her buttons too. I'd want an interesting experience and not one that really sounds like hanging out with another friend. I doubt once you'd get to know someone you think looks like a good buddy from WoT they would be any better than any friends you have today. And honestly, Mat is fun to read about and all, but I think if anyone had to hang out with him you there is a chance you might have a different opinion!
  4. Crossroads of Twilight somewhere in between chapters 16 and 20, I'm pretty sure. Chapter 20 I think, but that's a guess.
  5. Have you heard of the Traveler's Dilemma?
  6. There should be a "." after the "v"Allow me to return the favour: there should be a "." after the ""v"". True - but there's no "u" in "favor." Also, the period should be inside the quotation mark, not outside. But he spells "realize" like "realise" and "color" like "colour" and "Octopuz" like "Octopus" and probably drinks tea so it's okay.
  7. Because if children said them it would be childish to curse and that would threaten our badassness.
  8. No, it will be a Tinker in the Kitchen
  9. Are they all supposed to live to another age? Is channeling supposed to just snap out of existence?
  10. Can Aes Sedai gesture a lie!?
  11. You said the S word! PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 ! Edit: Cleaning up after Luckers...Boy sure can leave a mess ;D
  12. Lol, can an Aes Sedai write a lie?
  13. Yeah, but apparently they were not interesting enough for me to remember!
  14. Compulsion I think can not give false memories (nor any other kind of weave). I wonder what compulsion does exactly. We know what it does in general, but not exactly how it works? I wish we had a Point of View or something of someone being Compelled to know what they are feeling or thinking or what they think they are feeling or thinking or if they are even aware of being Compelled etc. Like is it straight up mind-control or are they just forced to mindlessly do what they are told? I think that would be an interesting read, but I'm worried we will not see one and then I will be left w
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