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  1. I liked the first two, but the story seemed to rapidly get bogged down, and his consistently changing the whole world to create new story-arcs began to aggravate me. I suspect he appeals to a different type of reader than most who enjoy RJ's work. I guess just count yourself lucky that you appreciate both, and thus have a wealth of books to enjoy! Honestly, what do you care what everyone on these boards thinks about those books? If you enjoy them, do so, and I'm sure you can find other boards to discuss them, and use this to discuss WoT, yeah? Sorry I couldn't help more though in terms of directing you to one of those boards, but I'm sure they're not hard to find.
  2. Just because you say you're not a troll doesn't mean you aren't one. As I said before, if you're going to make a fairly inflammatory statement, you can just tell us to 'look it up for yourself' if you want--but don't expect to be taken seriously, expect us to consider you a troll, because that's how you're behaving. I've seen waaay too many 'internet scholars' telling others to 'look it up for themselves' when they don't have a leg to stand on--usually they're climate change deniers, or something equally aggravating. Additionally, telling people not to google your ridiculous 'hints' just shows that you are just trying to stand here and enjoy some sort of twisted, undeserved feeling of superiority. None of your 'hints' are particularly pointed towards fascist thinking in particular. In fact, hint #3 isn't actually a hint, except you say that it ties the first hint to the extermination of the Jews, which could mean anything. Hints #1 and #2 sound like you're referencing Hegel's Philosophy of History, which Hitler certainly read, but Hegel's FAR from being a Nazi himself.... My point is, vague hints and suggestions that we just go read more don't have much credibility, seeing as how I can link all of them to multiple scholars. At least give some specifics. Also, misquoting Shakespeare in an attempt to burn others by claiming they are ignorant of the world is just ironic, not something that's going to score you any points.
  3. You're absolutely right, I agree that Mat would have respect from Bashere and the Aiel chiefs--but I don't know if either (especially the Aiel) would necessarily follow orders because of it. Additionally, Perrin has the fealty of a fairly minor monarch who has little control over her own country, and whose allegiance would probably turn if she thought Perrin couldn't protect Ghealdan. What I really meant was that the major Western Great Powers that Rand currently controls (chiefly Illian, Tear, and Cairhien) would almost certainly not respond to orders from either Mat or Perrin, as they don't really know them (with the exception of a few specific nobility). Moreover, I doubt the Borderland monarchs would be all that eager to band together in support of either of them as well. So I guess I expressed myself poorly--I absolutely agree that Mat and Perrin might be able to maintain control over Bashere and the Aiel (assuming the Aiel accept temporary transfer of Rand's authority into either of them), but it was the other nations I was thinking about.
  4. Or getting eaten by a Trolloc. The guide tells there are no Trollocs in the Seanchan continent. .....You see, I actually read through this whole thread, because it was fun (I actually didn't know that RJ had expressly said that Randland was our World in a different Age--so this thread taught me something!), but I'm still not sure if you are joking or not. Now, you HAVE to be. You just suggested going straight NORTH from the area between the Mountains of Mist and Spine of the World, and didn't expect to get ate? Which of the northernmost Randland nations were you intending to pass through headed North? Saldaea, Kandor, Arafel, or Shienar? And can you think of any reason why you might get ate by a Trolloc after passing through? (Hint: In the upper right side of the map that's in the front of all of the books, you'll see a little bulge marked at the very top, with the words 'Shayol Ghul' next to it.....;)) **Edit: As a side note, the snarkiness of the comment was meant to express support with your joke, not to be nasty, if you actually meant that as a serious question, I apologize, and should have treated it with more respect.**
  5. I would definitely want to be Mat--as has been pointed out earlier, he's got luck, brains, and frankly, manages to save the world while also trying to keep himself out of trouble. Much as I like him as a character, I'd NEVER want to be Rand--I'm not built to take the kind of a beating he has to take, and has destined for him, and I'd DEFINITELY have gone truly crazy long before him. Just knowing the destiny he has would crush most men, and I can admit I'd be one of them. Also, I admit being the Creator would be a nice lark.....
  6. Hah, no worries there--I love this sort of discussion, and I know it's not meant to be confrontational--it's only confrontational if someone thinks they know everything and belittles another poster, right? That's my opinion, in any case. Regarding your post, I'm afraid I've got a lot of work tonight, so I'll respond in more detail later when I can spend more time on it. In short though, I kind of agree with you that the description of the Legion's tactics are still a little vague for us to determine exactly how they would work. The way I've always pictured them is essentially as massed crossbowmen with a thin line of troops in front to act as a barrier to an all-out charge by enemy infantry. The shield troops would operate in a manner similar to the Roman Legions, but there would be far fewer of them as a percentage of the overall army--they rely significantly on the ability of the crossbowmen to ensure that any troops that actually make it to their line are almost broken already due to heavy casualties. Regarding the crossbows ability to be fired directly or indirectly, the main advantage of the crossbow over the longbow in Medieval Europe was that it didn't take over a decade to train an individual to use it properly, allowing for far greater numbers of crossbowmen to be trained, then longbowmen. English longbows and most crossbows had roughly the same range (crossbows had probably an advantage of fifty meters in terms of optimal range), but the crossbow fired a much heavier bolt, making it slightly more effective against plate armor. Generally, however, to achieve maximum range, crossbows were also fired in an indirect manner, and I'm sure this is how RJ intends the Legion to operate as well. This actually makes the Legion fairly versatile, as they can operate in large set-piece battles in a manner similar to a large force of longbowmen, firing over the heads of the men in front of them, while also being more effective in woods and ambushes, where they can effectively destroy smaller forces without ever engaging them hand to hand. Ultimately, however, I have to say that I agree with your point that the Legion doesn't have the flexibility of a fully fledged force, as you pointed out. It has severe weaknesses, especially if it is surprised--an attack by cavalry or infantry from the rear, or an ambush, could leave them fatally exposed. But I think I see where RJ was operating when he called this a 'revolutionary approach.' It's Mat paying more attention to grand strategy than battlefield tactics--something that doesn't seem to be relevant in modern Randland. Current Randland militaries are largely composed of noble cavalry, backed up by poorly equipped infantry, who are generally pikemen. More importantly, almost all of these men are professional soldiers, and their armies are relatively small compared to their populations. What Mat has done relates to what I mentioned earlier--ease of training. Mat's found a way to arm MASSIVE numbers of individuals and make them effective, in spite of their highly dubious fighting abilities. Remember, while we've yet to see the true numbers of the Legion, I expect by the end of the series, they'll be ENORMOUS--we've seen foreshadowing of massive movements of individuals across the continent searching for a way to assist Rand, and now Mat's provided a way they can serve. One of the major reasons for the adoption of muskets by European nations was that they were extremely easy to learn to use, and to train large numbers of people in their use--this allowed for the start of conscription. The same was true for crossbows, but during the Medieval period they were extremely expensive to manufacture, a problem which apparently doesn't apply to Rand. Essentially, my point is that Mat has found a weapon which a very unskilled individual can be trained to use relatively easy, and he'll be relatively inexpensive to equip (most of the Legion won't need to wear armor, and they won't need more than the most basic training in hand-to-hand combat. Those few with existing combat experience will likely form the line to protect those who don't, and in this manner, these men can be brought onto the battlefield as quickly and effectively as possible. Rand has other military forces to provide cavalry support, if necessary, or pike support. There's no time to train this many individuals in those roles, so Mat's found the best possible option. That's my opinion though. Let me know what you think.
  7. You know, it's an interesting thought--Rand has basically made the choice to give up his hand, and possibly his eyesight, in exchange for whatever information he can get out of her.... She better spill something useful, FAST. I wonder, if she were to tell him something important, and THEN he balefired her back to before losing his hand, would he still remember what she said? IIRC, the memories of what she'd said would still exist, even though she technically would never have said them, right? (sorry if that's confusing). Also, while Rand has PROBABLY been a blademaster since Falme, I wonder if many people would necessarily consider him so on this side of the Aryth Ocean, seeing as how the standards for being a Blade master may be different on either side of the Ocean, as Turak suggested might be possible. Indeed, the fact that Rand was so quickly able to defeat Turak once he assumed the Void suggests that either Turak wasn't at the level that many other blademasters we've seen are at (witness Lan's ability to defeat Rand easily during training in spite of his use of the Void), or that something 'special' was aiding Rand--e.g. some of LTT's innate skill was already leaching over, or he was subconsciously channneling at the time. I do think Rand would almost certainly win--I'm pretty sure he's got LTT's skills at this point, and that's probably more years of sword training (originally as a sport) than Galad's been alive. Also, Titan's got a good point--while I'm impressed with Galad's ability to intentionally take wounds during his fight with Valda, he's got nothing on Rand in the 'withstanding pain to achieve your duty' department. So yeah, even without channeling, I'd give it to Rand all the way.
  8. I may be taking the discussion backwards a bit, and for that I'm sorry (darn Real Life keeps me away from message boards for too long), but I just wanted to agree with the sentiment expressed above that Hawkwing's empire reminds me a bit more of Alexander's than Bonaparte's (or certainly Hitler's attempted Third Reich). Like Alexander, Hawkwing actually conquered his entire known world, and attempted to move beyond the known borders of his time. Like Alexander, his Empire only fell after his death, due to infighting between his successors. Additionally, unlike Napoleon, Hawkwing was able to survive his few failures (while he was defeated in the Waste, it didn't lead to the demise of the rest of his Empire--much like Alexander's Empire continued to survive even when he was forced to back out of India). OTOH, I can see how you could argue that the establishment of Hawkwing's Justice for the commoners across his Empire, and its legacy in the existing nations of Randland, is comparable to Napoleon's establishment of the Napoleonic code across much of Europe. Yet one more reason I love this series--every time I go back, there's more to find in it....
  9. Good call on the Heroes looking as they did in their most recent life--if Rand is killed, and is brought back with the horn, you're probably right, he'd look like Rand. Although, I have to wonder, is the Dragon bound to the horn? As in, if the horn had been blown two centuries earlier, would LTT have been at the head of the Heroes? As a quick thought though, I have to disagree with your argument that Perrin and Mat would keep the forces of light together--neither of them have the raw Power Rand does to command respect from the Western nobility and nations, and the Aiel are unlikely to follow them either. Logain could use Illusion to act as Rand, or at the very least, could use his control of the OP to cow the Western nations, and hope that Rand's last orders to the Aiel are enough to make them follow him..... Remember, too, that the vast majority of Rand's followers have really no idea who Mat and Perrin are. Mat may end up in joint command of the Seanchan, but I don't see the High Lords following him anytime soon.
  10. Also, if we're bringing in characters from all over: Tam al'Thor vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi (battle of the mentor master swords-men with the punctuated names!)
  11. I don't want to close off debate here at all, because I'd be interested to hear what examples exist of any linkage between the Wheel of Time and Nazi beliefs.... I certainly can't think of any. The idea that time is circular is, as others have already pointed out, much older than this century, and Hitler certainly was interested in certain parts of Indian culture, so he may have gotten it from there (as I suspect RJ did). However, I would hardly call that belief in any way a central part of nazi doctrine, and it certainly has no relevance to the core of fascism in any way. If you're going to make sensational statements suggesting that this work is similar to the core of 'nazi facist beliefs', you should probably back it up a bit more in your first post..... As a fellow individual interested in history, I truly do mean I would like to hear if you do have evidence. I've taken some courses on the rise of fascist thinkers, but I certainly am no expert. Any additional evidence you might want to add (especially which authors you read! I could always use new suggestions) would be appreciated.
  12. Quick note--I have three numbers at the end of my name, and I'm new, but please don't think I'm a spammer!! Also, I've always thought one of the many great strengths of Mat and Perrin as characters (as opposed to Rand) is that they CAN'T channel--they're inherently weaker than many of the high-level characters in these books, and yet they are frequently even more vital to victory because of their special skills. Constantly introducing new heroes/heroines/factions/empires at increasing levels of power is exactly why I stopped reading Terry Goodkind (or whatever pun floats your boat here). I have too much faith in RJ to expect he would do anything like that.
  13. ...... http://www.stardestroyer.net
  14. No, they use SWORDS. (Or in the case of the Aiel, short spears or knives). I have an image in my head of Lan picking his teeth with a katana, and it's pretty sweet.....
  15. Cylon FTW!! Verin should have been the last of the final five.....
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