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  1. She is a bit too moody, I'll admit, but I think it just shows up more b/c Perrin can smell her moods as opposed to the other two Ta'veren who are just constantly perplexed by the women in their life (although Rand is a little too far gone by TGS to notice or care). I'd say if you gave Rand the ability to sense the moods of his wives, you would find a lot more haters for Min and Elayne, at the very least.
  2. As stated above. Considering what has happened in The Gathering Storm, albeit a small amount, do you like or dislike Faile?
  3. The fact the people hate her amazes me. She didn't decide to get captured or have RJ write her as a jealous person. If you hate her, reread the the scenes in TSR with Perrin and her. She is a great character and eventually replaced Egwene as my favorite female character.
  4. In short, no. In long, the WoT plotline has to be very short as they couldn't just sit around while the Dark One breaks free. However, RJ still wanted to fully develop the characters and events, which took him an understandably long time as you have more than 5 main characters. Think about plotlines in gaming and other novels: they have to be long to make the game/novel worth something but they also have to have a sense of urgency.
  5. Eh, I'm not sure I see a lot of connection between WoT and the Matrix. The whole idea of a single powerful hero to save the world is a universal archetype and is in basically all fantasy. On the other points: sure, you can see some similarities but I think the Matrix and WoT are entirely different entities. Interesting point of view, though.
  6. I think Alliandre is sworn to Perrin so by proxy, Perrin would control Manetheren. I also think he could get Arad Domain, Ghealdan, Saldaea, Two Rivers area, and maybe even a controlling interest in Mayene. However, I doubt he will want to control that much land.
  7. Gotta say I'm feeling Aviendha for this one just because she is more interesting than the other two (IMHO) and I just kinda like the way she interacts with people. Elayne... no. I really don't like her at all, way too snotty. Finally, I'm okay w/ Min because she's one of the nicer characters but sometimes she seems way too dependent on Rand.
  8. The end scene after Perrin went into the Wolfdream to save Faile in The Dragon Reborn is my vote for most touching. Something about the atmosphere makes it exceptional. The line by Perrin, "Faile. My falcon," while he's covered in blood is just amazingly done. And yes, the famous Emond's Field scene in TSR was what made that book the one I've read at least 20 times. The letter and the setup around it was amazing, as was the emotional intensity of the entire thing. It's marriage, battle, and salvation wrapped into an amazing couple of chapters. Perrin's voice write before the battle is so realistic and well done. I will readily admit that if I want something fun to read, I'll just go through the Perrin chapters in TSR.
  9. Definately, and Perrin/Faile. I think it would ALMOST be worse if Faile died because it would tear Perrin apart.
  10. Physically maybe. I really meant an emotional attachment.
  11. I never really saw anything between them. It seemed like she was just employing her (somewhat) classic manipulation to get her out of her predicament.
  12. I'm going with just Verin. However, it would be awesome if she was my mother. Talk about an interesting experience.
  13. Flagg: Please explain. That just sounded like a childish rant without backup. Why do you hate her and Perrin?
  14. Wow, quite a bit of discussion. I wanted to add something that I realized a while ago today. Everyone can admit that Perrin is obsessed with Faile. Heck, even I, as her biggest defender, will admit this. Everyone thinks that it's just that Perrin is like that. I have a couple of alternate ideas: 1. Perrin enters this stage in "The Shadow Rising." The reason he is obsessed with her is that is was the only reason for him to stay alive in the books. He was willing to go have himself hanged in the Two Rivers by the Whitecloaks in order to protect his family and his people. However, when he got there, he discovered that they were already dead. At that point he was extremely emotionally unstable, perhaps even suicidal. However, Faile was there and she kept him from self-destructing. Perrin, at this point in the book, has nobody except her: His entire family is dead, his friends have grown away from him, and his is stuck in a position he doesn't want to be as Lord of Two Rivers. Faile is his "rock" (to quote Obama) and she's the only connection that he has to society. 2.(This is MUCH more important.) Perrin is a wolfbrother and therefore is slowly degrading and changing into a wolf in his spirit. Faile is the ONLY thing that keeps him from going completely AWOL and becoming a wolf permanently. He realizes this and therefore he latches into this connection. She is the one thing that is holding him up from this alternate version of himself. Without her, he would be lost to the wolves' world and would never be able to help Rand in the last battle. He fully realizes this and therefore he knew that he had to become extremely attached to something in order to prevent this change. Just a couple of extra ideas I copied from my Amazon post.
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