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Sexy Pirates (by request)


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*snuggles Elgeekins & Talya*  ;)

*tries to console Jade, but is too distracted by the hotness* :D


For those that don’t know. This was the answer to “Just for Verbal” on the Warder board. As beautiful as Angelina Jolie is, I thought those attracted more to *ahem...eyes the PG-13 sign*, uh the masculine form would appreciate this thread.  8)


I just wish Ewan McGregor or Jude Law had been pirates sometime. Guess that fantasy will just have to stay in my head! *weg*

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Wow, Besolyn, all I can say to that is:




I would have said you are my new best friend, but that spot seems to have already been nabbed by someone quicker! LOL


I have an Orlando Bloom screensaver I made for myself, with appropriately piratical music. I don't care if he's a pretty boy, that's sorta the whole point, isn't it?  ;)

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Very nice Bes...I have one question, how do you actually get anything done on your computer.. ;)


tnsabregirl I used to have a pirates of the Caribbean one with both Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp on, now I have dragons...less distracting ;) Though I do have a sign autograph of OB on my wall, As he was in LotR...*grins*


*hugs Jade* I'm sure eventually you will see the pictures for their true worth... ;)


*stands behind Danya to get some of the fanning too* ;D

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*takes a moment to drool over Orlando* Those are some HOT pictures of him I must say! *drools more* I own all the movies you have pictures from *ggls* the Shirtless one I believe is Kingdom of Heaven he's so hot in that movie! Right ummmm moving on....




Orlando from the second Pirates Premire...he's such a nice guy. I have more from the day but I figured he would cause the most talk *Ggls*

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Okay, I wasn't gonna do this, but.... I know it will make y'all happy.  ;D




Heck, makes me happy just lookin' at him.  ;)


Here's another. Ummm...Nice Hat.




Double the fun, double the pleasure:




And two more just because I agree with Rasheta that Orlando was HOT in KoH:




And probably my favorite of all the ones I have:




Whatever you may think of his acting, that man is FINE!


Happy Weekend, ladies!  I'll refrain from the Pirate-pun innuendo...for now. ;D


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Need I remind you people that the word "sex" is blatantly represented in the word "sexy" and that the topic not only pushes our PG13 limit, but also throws all sorts of nasty things at the sign? I mean, what face are we putting on DM that the most revered people in all of RandLand are in here, gabbing about men as if they were subjects for our slavering?


And Dwyn, really... you should be ashamed! Perhaps you should volunteer to lead a discussion in the Lecture Hall for our young minds about the appropriate discussion topics we Aes Sedai should partake in, in this community...

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YAYYYYY! <--- among the most revered in Randland (no way - stretches the imagination, but....woot!  )




YAYYYYY! <---- not Aes Sedai




Besides, I'm CERTAIN the sisters here were discussing new warders to bond...Yep, that's definitely what they were all talking about. All very proper!


*nod nod


(and yes, if I chose an Ajah, it would be green. lol)

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