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  1. Cool, looking forward to the Youtube chat tonight.
  2. Thanks for the post. Good background perspective.
  3. Great interview. I wish there were a few less typos, though. Otherwise, great work!
  4. Thanks for the update on Harriett's statement. Happy to see more facts added to the fan buzz.
  5. Agreed - I am very curious about that news as well.
  6. Great summary. Now, I'd better go get busy reading! :-) July will be here before we know it!
  7. Well, we just need to make sure that we who are voting in the Hugos give the other entries their due. Read all the entries (or as many as you can) and vote for the best. That's the only way to show what quality fans we are!
  8. Thanks so much for the great article! If you don't mind I'd like to repost this myself.
  9. You can still join LonCon as a supporting (not attending) members and all members get to vote. I was supposed to go to London this year, but those plans fell through. But I shall most certainly be voting for my favorite story ever! A lot of haters are complaining right now out on the Internet, so now's the time to show them they aren't the majority.
  10. I will be voting for certain; I've been waiting for this for a long time!
  11. I've been a long-time fan of the series and the idea that it is more than deserving of a Hugo. The fact that it has never been awarded any awards is an oversight I hope to help correct.
  12. Fantastic! (Not that I'm biased; but Paul IS the other director for the JordanCon Art Show. Full disclosure, right?)
  13. Wow! THAT was fun! #JordanCon

  14. Remember, everyone, the deadline for submitting art to the #JordanCon V Art Show is Mar. 29. Go to http://www.jordancon.org/content/jordancon-art-show today to purchase your space in this historic show.

  15. Hey, Jason, are you guys using a web analytics program (although, I guess I could just scan you for tags....lol). Not really related to the article above, but just professionally curious.
  16. You've done a GREAT job and I'll really miss your posts. Good selection of art here to end it on a bang. Several of them are personal favorites but a number of them were new to me too (now I have to go find that "Escape the Dancing Cartman" piece by ~Forbis, since I just reread that chapter). "The Wheel turns...." This isn't THE end, but it is an end.
  17. I am honored to be included. Thank you very much!
  18. Truly some amazing ink here! I have got to see one or two of these in person. I loved Jason's dragon, but, like you, am amazed at the pain tolerance!
  19. Thanks for sharing the etiquette tips at the end - always good to keep in mind. And it's the right thing to do.
  20. Just a few days back from DragonCon, and most of us who attend JordanCon are already making plans for next year's shenanigans. I sure hope we get a whole lot of Mat Cauthon cosplayers this year! ;-D We have a surprise in store for them.

  21. Graendal was cosplayed by our friend Betsy Averette.
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