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    Fencing, caving, backpacking, gardening, art, costuming, reading! Now if I only had time for most of those. Oh, and I'm also the co-chair for the JordanCon Art Show.
  1. Thanks for the post. Good background perspective.
  2. Dear me! I didn't remember to post our reasons here, but I already know you guys love JordanCon! Just today we posted a list of artists who will be exhibiting work in our show. Much of their work will be available for purchase in our Print Shop or available for bidding in the Art Show's silent auction. Anyway, here's the list: http://jordancon.org/content/jordancon-9-exhibiting-artists The schedule is already up on the website and the app should be updated a week or two before JordanCon. And while I'm here, don't forget that pre-registration at the discounted membership rate ends this Sunday (Mar. 26th). That's a bit earlier than most years. If you miss that deadline, you'll just have to pay $10 more at the door. Hope to see you all at JordanCon. And if not this year, then definitely in 2018 for JordanCon 10, which is scheduled for April 20-22, 2018 (same hotel).
  3. WOW! I am really so sorry to hear all of that has been going on with you. *fingers crossed* that things get better. We'd love for you to be with us again. --April
  4. Reason #1 why you can’t miss #JordanCon 9: Where else can you discuss the art of hard sci-fi with Charles Gannon? The fourth book in his Caine Riordan sci-fi series is out now! https://www.amazon.com/Caines-Mutiny-Caine-Riordan-Book-ebook/dp/B01N5M3MOX/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid&sr And he's also working on a new fantasy series called "The Broken World." :-) Pre-register now at: http://jordancon.org/content/jordancon-9-three-day-membership. The deadline is March 26th! #IsItAprilYet?
  5. Just a quick update. It seems that we've sold out our hotel again. Jimmy and Jennifer are working on identifying a good overflow hotel (UPDATE: see link below). After that has been sorted out, the Jordancon Facebook page and the website will be updated with that information. (So DON"T PANIC.) In the meantime, if you really REALLY want to stay in the host hotel and don't mind making friends, look for the "JordanCon Rooms" group on Facebook. There are already a few postings there from people looking to share their room. --April UPDATE: The host hotel has been identified. Go to the JordanCon website for all the details: http://jordancon.org/content/overflow-hotel-available
  6. Hey, all. Technically, pre-registration for JordanCon 2017 was supposed to expire today (Jan. 1, 2017) but I have it on good authority you can still get the discounted price all day today. If you meant to do that and haven't yet, this is your last chance before the price goes up another $10. http://jordancon.org/content/jordancon-9-three-day-membership Our Author Guest of Honor is Dr. Charles E. Gannon, author of the award-winning Caine Riordan/Terran Republic hard science fiction novels. Our Artist Guest of Honor is Stephen Hickman, who has won a Hugo and six Chesley Awards for fantasy and sci-fi illustration. Brandon Sanderson will not be in attendance this year, but we do expect him back for JordanCon 10 in 2018. For more information on this year's convention, go to: www.jordancon.org. --April
  7. Great interview. I wish there were a few less typos, though. Otherwise, great work!
  8. Thanks for the update on Harriett's statement. Happy to see more facts added to the fan buzz.
  9. Agreed - I am very curious about that news as well.
  10. Great summary. Now, I'd better go get busy reading! :-) July will be here before we know it!
  11. Well, we just need to make sure that we who are voting in the Hugos give the other entries their due. Read all the entries (or as many as you can) and vote for the best. That's the only way to show what quality fans we are!
  12. Thanks so much for the great article! If you don't mind I'd like to repost this myself.
  13. You can still join LonCon as a supporting (not attending) members and all members get to vote. I was supposed to go to London this year, but those plans fell through. But I shall most certainly be voting for my favorite story ever! A lot of haters are complaining right now out on the Internet, so now's the time to show them they aren't the majority.
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