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  1. Aiel, I had a show pig that thought he was a dog and another that thought he was a horse. I guess even cats know that dogs are better. j/k
  2. Welcome, Sabriane! Don't worry about the geekiness...We embrace the geek around here.
  3. Aiel, it's so hard watching an animal with a child's spirit deal with the ravages of old age. Wish I could hug him! Here is my pride and joy: Skittles
  4. I've been waiting to hear this for YEARS. Can I volunteer? Anything that will make both of you happy in one stroke (pun intended) is totally worth it!! Since it is obvious that Jason is using Compulsion on all of you, and you cannot be convinced of his evilness in creating and maintaining a site that has been such a wonderful place to meet like minded people and discuss this wonderful story. Thank you, Jason & Jen for your dedication! (Bloody beans! He got me too )
  5. *sings* Gonna find my ewok, gonna hold him tight, gonna have an afternoon indict.... Jen, I would love cookies, and I really don't think you are guilty of the charges as stated, but then again, I really am jealous of RJ's hat.
  6. I try to as well. I got ignoring the cold, but I just can't shut off my sweat glands. Probably because I live in swampy Florida (this is also probably why I can ignore the "cold" ) 512. You start to feel like a creep because you hang around the RJ books in the bookstore looking for other readers. 513. You get published as the most enthusiastic fan: (that was me) 514. You take your honeymoon in Charleston hoping to run into Harriet.
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