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You are attending a party of the highest magnificence on the outskirts of Caemlyn.  You all have your reasons for being there; you may know some of your peers or you may be perfect strangers.  All you know is that you are enjoying good food, wine and conversation.  And the evening will, as all events do, draw to a close...


In the morning, you will be alerted by a scream.  A maid brings you a note, telling you to be in the same ballroom you spent your evening in the previous night as soon as you can, and you make your way there.  In the room are some of the guests that also enjoyed the overnight hospitality of the host.  Someone has thoughtfully put some food and drink in the ballroom to ensure your comfort, but there is an air of tension amongst those present...


A body has been found.  And, with no one reported entering or leaving the manor house, you are all suspects!


Come and join me in an interactive Mafia Game and take part in an interactive Murder Mystery novel in which you are the characters in a detective story!  Played along the lines of a Classic Mafia game, you may or may not have a role or an ulterior motive.  Be a Wheel of Time version of your real life self and become part of a Wheel of Time Murder Mystery Role Play!


Are you interested?  This will take place in the Revolutions board in a while, so let me know!


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I hope no-one minds if I join in (being a non-RPer and all).  I've been looking for something new, possibly to dip my toes into the RP side of things, and this looks perfect.


I'm a big Agatha Christie fan, too. :)

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Basically, I had thought a Wheel of Time version of yourself, although as it is Revolutions it can be fairly relaxed :)  Make it reasonable though :)


Thanks for the interest so far! (Barm, glad you could make it ;))  Amethea, you're more than welcome to take part, and welcome to you.  It's good to see so many faces!


When I post the signups thread, you can post a short paragraph about your Wheel of Time self so we know who's who.  :)


So far interested, we have:










And I'm the Moderatrix.  *mwahahaha*

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Because of it's nature it won't be like a normal mafia game - i.e., if you don't know whodunnit before you go on LOA, you won't when you get back and because it takes time to write the posts, i'll be quite a slow burning game. 


I have a feeling I'll run more of these periodically, depending on how it goes, but there's just as much fun to be had watching and trying to work out for yourself "Whodunnit" and, if you want to start and have to leave halfway through then we can work something out.  :)  The system allows for things like that - your character could be urgently called away on business or something and if you have a role we can work something out.  :)

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Ok, so so far interested are:


1 KaraJ

2 Quibby

3 Amethea

4 Barmacral

5 Lih-Lyh

6 Tigara

7 Jehaine

8 Jaydena?

9 Silver

10 Nynaeve

11 Taymist

12 CorenYi


Twelve players was about the number I had in mind, but if anyone else wants to join in there'll be room for you. :)  I'll post the official sign up and introduce your RP self in the Revolutions Board in the early part of next week.  In the meantime if anyone else wants to join, say so!


*grins at Nyna*

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