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  2. Hmm... I wish I could help, but my realm of expertise with SF is more or less limited to tv sci-fi. The only SF books I've read were The Ship who Sang and the Crystal Singer trilogy by Anne McCaffrey. I'll have a think, and see if I can come up with anything else. Good luck!
  3. Just picked up Jack of Ravens by Mark Chadbourn, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. It's not every day that I discover modern fantasy/speculative fiction set in modern Britain (Harry Potter notwithstanding - I haven't read any of the boy wizard's tales), so it's good to immerse myself in this dark world again. It's good to see a return of the characters from the first trilogy (Age of Misrule), too, as well as the addition of several new Brothers and Sisters of Dragons. It took me ages to track down a decent copy, and I'm hoping to have as much luck finding the next two in the series!
  4. Another cold night last night, but it seems like the weather is finally taking a turn for the better. We're now above 0C for the first time in a week, and it seems really warm. I used to love snow, but I don't like it as much these days. I can't deny its beauty, though. Went to a nearby town to browse through some second-hand bookshops and the scenery on the way in was lovely. Fields and woods, all covered in snow, sparkling away under a pale blue sky. Breathtaking.
  5. *saunters in, shaking the snow off her shoulders* Not bad, but it's cold as anything here! Last night saw the temperatures in my neck of the woods drop to about -15C. I'm definitely not used to those kinds of temperatures. *shivers*
  6. Wow - it's been a while since I last went into the library. Like a true Ogier, I've been reading a lot, even though I haven't been here (in fact, sometimes it's difficult to stop me . Most recently, I've been changing genres a bit, and I've found two new authors to read: back to urban fantasy, with Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London (Midnight Riot in America), and jumping over to space/SF comedy with Toby Frost's Space Captain Smith. Both have a very British flavour, although in different ways, and I really enjoyed both of them.
  7. I've just got a copy of I Shall Wear Midnight, and it looks pretty good. Also, I've read a short, yet more detailed synopsis of the new Watch book, Snuff, on Wiki and that's looking pretty good, too.
  8. Snuff is almost finished? That's great news! I've (albeit rather selfishly) been waiting for another Watch novel for a while now. Good news about the voice to type program, too - teaching it the Discworld vocab should be interesting! I'm glad the convention was awesome - I'd love to go, one of these days. Haven't read Unseen Academicals for a while, but I really must go through it again.
  9. Aww... my copy probably won't get here until Wednesday or Thursday now - not unless a miracle happens.
  10. I'm really looking forward to it, too (I've secretly got my fingers crossed that my copy comes on time, so that I won't have to avoid this place too much! ). I'm not sure how fast I'll be able to finish it, though! My current record for a WoT book is about a day and a half - if I don't have to do anything else that day, that is!
  11. Hmm. Hopefully, that'll be the case for me, too, then. I ordered my copy from Play.com and, as their delivery is usually 3-5 days, they send it out a bit earlier than some - restrictions notwithstanding. The rest depends on good old Royal Mail. Ah well - I don't mind getting it a bit late, but I'll likely be avoiding most of the site from Monday onwards until I do!
  12. Hmm, that's kind of what I mean. We've pre-ordered books from big authors from this site before, and most of the time they send the item a few days early so that it arrives on the release date, or within a day of it. I'm wondering whether this will be the same, or if they'll have orders not to dispatch them until the actual date. I just have a feeling that it'll be the latter.
  13. Lol - I find the waiting the hardest part, and with possible spoilers popping up it's more and more likely that I'll find something out ahead of time. Usually, I try to avoid spoilers as best I can, but the temptation... I was the same with the latest Dresden Files book, too. I will confess to checking the status of my ToM order fairly regularly, though (albeit not Amazon), in case they dispatch it early - something they have done before with pre-order titles. Don't think I'll be lucky enough to get it early, though...
  14. Wow - that is indeed a strange car, but I love the patterns. I knit (although nothing fancy), but I'd love to be able to weave like that. Beautiful. It's getting close to the release date of ToM now, and I'm finding it hard to post here. The temptation to check out the other threads (you know, the ones that might have *gasp* spoilers in them) is getting stronger and stronger!
  15. That sounds lovely! I don't usually eat a lot of dips, but I'll be giving that one a try.
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