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Small Town MURDER mafia [Experimental with Basic Roles] Sign-ups


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Hello friends!


I don't see anyone else talking about running a game, so I'm posting this.  If there is someone else that's ready, please feel free to let me know here and I can run my game after. 




The game has 1 tracker role and 1 doc role.  Both will be randomly assigned to the player list each night.  It is possible, but highly unlikely, for the same person to receive both.  


Mafia will have a roleblocker that assigned to a specific team member and the usual team nightkill.  If someone holding a role is nightkilled, that role is out of the game.  It will not be confirmed to mafia if a roleblock is successful.  


Days will be 36-ish hours (it may be slightly more or less depending on my schedule) and nights will be 24 hours. Day 1 will be the exception as timer will not commence until everyone has checked in. Countdown timers will be provided for each phase and votes will be linked. 


I'm thinking a 10-person game - newbies welcome - but I would be ecstatic to have more!  If we get 13, I'll add another rotating role.  


@Cory Caboose will be my co-mod! 



1. Illian Tear

2. Zander? Zander.

3. Nynners ❤️

4. Dice

5. Wildfire

6. Crush

7. Krak

8. Shad


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