Looking forward to being told to RAFO!

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Hi everyone!


Took me long enough, but I finally stumbled onto Dragonmount! It'll be nice to finally have people to discuss the series with...


I am currently about 200 pages into Crossroads of Twilight. I sped through Eye of the World through The Fires of Heaven in about six months before stalling out halfway through Lord of Chaos and leaving the series for three years. I think I was scared of the "slump". The books sat on my shelf for all that time collecting dust until, in September, I made a spreadsheet of "books I own and have yet to read" and decided to knock WoT off of the massive "to read" pile I had sitting around. Four months later, I've read four of five "slow" books, and have yet to really notice much of a slowdown... though I understand CoT is widely considered the slowest.


Glad I finally found this place!

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Welcome, Zeustav!  Thanks for popping in to say hello :biggrin:


Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the site... and make sure not to miss the social community section, it's a great place to meet people and make friends!

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Welcome to the site!


A quick warning, try to be careful in the discussion board so you don't come across any spoilers.

And, as a few others have already stated, take a look at the Social Groups when you have a little time and join any that seem to meet your interests.  You may join as few or as may as you'd like.  Hope to see you around and feel free to ask any questions you may have here.

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Ok im disappointed in all of you. Did you not read the title??


Zuestaf! you wanna know whats what?? well....







particularly around the Social Orgs, especially the Band of the Red Hand where you find the Bestest peeps...



Now...Get Reading so I can Joust you!





and welcome lol

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    •     Share with the rest of the class?!?!?!?!
    • In case it is.   I've like Darthe's gameplay a little better then Dice's in a broad view.   Tho the "way things look" would make Dice look better with the whole 3 way triangle fight/reads with DPR/Hallia Looks good for him.  Though I know Dice I'd capable of good reads this makes me wonder a bit about a poss busfest.   Darthe agreed and seen a lot of the same things for stretches of this game.   He did this before and I can't think of the game and I can't remember his alignment.  I've also noticed hes not been quite as combative I remeber and no one told me if this is something he changed or not.    I really wish i could ISO tho...sadface.gif.   I mean I know im Town amd Aj and Cory are so obv I know it's 1 of them.    I've felt stronger about Dice leading up to now.  But really trying to see how I feel about a poss busfess. 
    • Mmmm D2 wagon builds are juicy
    •   Yeah. And if you think it’s one over the other to give examples or whatever.
    •   Can you please explain what youre looking for here?   Why I think Dice or Darthe could be Scum?