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Greetings, potential friends ;3

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Hello everyone~


At the recommendation of my friend, Eclipse, I started reading WoT recently and decided to sign up here too. I heard that everyone here is pretty chill and friendly, so I'm hoping to make a bunch of friends ^_^


I'm a pretty good mafia player and RPer, so once I get settled in here I'm planning on hopefully running some of my own games/RPs. I'd like to work on more games that combine the two, so I've been thinking of lots of different hybrids and fusions I could try out and I'll probably test a few of those out in time~


If you know of any games you think I might be interested in, feel free to send me a message letting me know ;3

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Welcome! I always love to see new members who enjoy WoT and Mafia.  :laugh:


If you're looking for Mafia specifically, we have a designated subforum for it under General Discussion, and games are also frequently run in The Black Tower and Shayol Ghul.


If you're looking for any other sort of game, just browse around.  There are all sorts of things going on here.

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