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  1. Hey guys I'm really sorry but there was a storm here and the electricity is completely out, not sure how much longer it will be out for (but my parents say that the power thing needs fixing because it got wet), my phone's battery is running low (and I can't charge it because no electricity) aaaa. So I'll have to drop because I won't be able to talk here for a while. I'm really sorry, especially to Nin and Cory but aaaaa yeah? Hope I can play with you guys again when life is less of a jerk and doesn't throw bad stuff at me. It was great playing with you guys, even for a short while, and I'm really sorry that I have to do this. Good luck, and... yeah <333
  2. I gotta go back to the thread and reread some parts to further wrap my head around what is going on, but yeah, smol post here: It's probably because I don't rember the details of what happened back there with Lessa/SK/you but I don't understand your reasoning here? Aaaaa ;w; I understand the part about initially not voting for fear of it being seen as retaliation (but with an argument, it wouldn't I think), but not the other parts? I don't know Lessa's meta, but I've seen scum toss a vote towards scumbuddy like that. Will have to go back, reread and get a better idea of the context tho--I'll do that and come back on this if I have the time. Btw I'm dropping the idea of a ben iso because rn a Lessa iso would probably be better lol, now that we have more info from the end-of-day stuff.
  3. I'll try my best to post, but life is a jerk. If you need me to sub out, feel free to. Yeah... sorry. Gotta go now tho, will read through the thread and catch up soon.
  4. Ironeyes--hope all goes well for you and your grandma aaaa~ Nyn--gotcha. I'm technically grounded from the internet, but I'll try my best to slip in some time and get more posts in. I'm a bit iffy about SK's claim retract. On one hand, they could be town trying to reaction test (has SK reaction-tested in previous games?), which is a good way to get the discussion rolling, but on the other hand, there was already discussion going on at that time, so I don't know??? SK, if this was a reaction test, what have you gotten out of the reaction test, and what are your views on everyone so far?
  5. Going through the thread, on mobile rn so just responding to individual posts on the go~ Usually town shouldn't lie because it would hurt town imo, except possibly to decieve scum (ie. Softing PGO as cop to avoid the kill etc). Regarding the character ccs, I... eeeee??? I don't see any motivation as town to fakeclaim, but I... don't really see motivation as scum to do it either? Town lying about their role name, especially in games like this where we are all vanilla (hence not PR needing to avoid maf kill), would hurt town and cause confusion, while scum doing it would attract attention, and since scum numbers are considerably low and having one of their members down would be a huge blow to them...? Forgot who asked this, but yes, squinty = sus. Will be looking into Ben's posts possibly after I catch up on the thread.
  6. Hey guys, I'm here I guess? I'm currently in an emotionally broken state (perhaps, as I always have...), so if I sometimes dissapear for a few hours I'm...yeah, but here are my thoughts on the stuff so far: Dar'Jen--have you been in a game with random votes before? Just curious due to the way you reacted to the vote. A bit squinty at the "given clues" because might be implying that you're actually scum, but might just be wording? Ben's reaction/line of thought is a bit eeeh??? to me--I'll try to do something similar to an iso here (is there a function that allows me to do so here?) to get a better idea of my read on Ben. A bit squinty on this because it seems to me like an attempt to pretend to be participating in the discussion while not actually contributing, which allows them to fly under the radar? Thank you for the "Happy Birthday"s, btw~ I'll hopefully be posting my thoughts on Ben as well as whatever seems to cross my mind later in a bit~
  7. I... haven't read WoT yet (but plan to do it soon~), so I aaaa... rip. Don't know if I like my character? But hey guys, I guess I'm here~ Just a heads-up, I'm not going to be on a lot today because it's the 23rd over here, and it's my borthday :D Looking forward to play with you all though! I'm not very experienced at mafia, especially with scumhunting, so hopefully this will be a great learning experience~
  8. You can follow a thread (i.e. get email notifications of posts) by clicking the 'follow thread' button (visible in desktop mode). You can't mention here The PM system is a thing of beauty here, but I suspect a QT will be easier for a mentor thread :) (multiquote is a blessing omgomg) but thank you BFG <3
  9. *JOINS THE HYPE TRAIN* Gotta remember to check DM more often lol, now that it's starting~ Is there a way of subscribing to a thread/ recieve notifications for stoof (ie. A ping/mention system) here? :o
  10. Not sure how the PM system works here, so I guess a QT would be better~ Thank you!
  11. If this starts in the next week or so (orrrr before that), I'd like to join :3 Should be a good learning experience because I've always relied too much on night play instead of scumhunting :P I'm not entirely new to mafia, but I haven't played on DM yet (nor am I a BT member ;w;) I'd like a mentor if that is possible :)
  12. OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH MULTIQUOTE <3 Dank yee Blizzard :3 *noms your ear playfully* Thank youuuuu~
  13. Okay, thank you! I'll check them out <3 ^w^
  14. I ah... haven't posted a lot in MU discord because I'm shy and I'm not good with talking in larger servers, so you probably haven't seen me :P I sent you a DM on discord saying hi :3
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