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  1. OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH MULTIQUOTE <3 Dank yee Blizzard :3 *noms your ear playfully* Thank youuuuu~
  2. Okay, thank you! I'll check them out <3 ^w^
  3. I ah... haven't posted a lot in MU discord because I'm shy and I'm not good with talking in larger servers, so you probably haven't seen me :P I sent you a DM on discord saying hi :3
  4. Woooah, the multi-quote thing is awesome <3 *bows* Thank you! I'll read them over the summer holidays, haha. I've briefly looked Wheel of Time up, and The Eye of the World is the first book, right? If so, that's going on the top of my "read next" list :P Thank you! I'll check the social groups out! Any recommendations for which ones to join? Looking forward to play mafia with you :3 Aaaa thank you! <3 Any recommendations for which ones to check out? :3 Thank youuu~ Thank you! I think I've seen you on the MU discord, or at least, heard about you from Eclipse, but I don't think we've talked :3 *bows* It's a pleasure meeting you ahaha~
  5. *waves* Hey Blizzard <3
  6. Hey guys! *waves shyly* I haven't read any Wheel of Time books yet, and I don't know much about it, but feel free to introduce me to them <3 @Eclipse (do I ping/mention like this?) directed me over here from Flight Rising because I've heard that the mafia community over here is very welcoming--and I-I guess I'd like to try it out here? <3 (I'm a terrible player though ;w;) So I guess, hi? I'm a bit shy around new people, so I'm sorry if my tone here sounded a bit awkward, but *dips head* Nice to meet you guys!
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