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  1. WoT Fans MeetUp in Seattle? Who'd be interested?

    I haven't continued talks on it, but I'd still love to get together with other WoT fans. Even casually.
  2. Dragonmount.com is Reborn

    I am loving the deep red banner at the top of the page! :D
  3. Horse Breeds... Calling Horse Experts!

    What do you mean??
  4. New

    Yes, welcome! And yes, spoilers are EVERYWHERE... so be careful :)
  5. Horse Breeds... Calling Horse Experts!

    Tairen is from Tear, so you don't mean the Domani being protective, right? Also did Jordan give any real details of horses' bodies besides the razor Mat inspected?
  6. Horse Breeds... Calling Horse Experts!

    Awesome and gorgeous, for Pips! For Aldieb, I always pictured her as pure Arabian, and she seems to be drawn as such on TEotW cover.
  7. Horse Breeds... Calling Horse Experts!

    Nice. I love the coloring.
  8. Horse Breeds... Calling Horse Experts!

    WOW!!! I love that one!! What is it? Do you have info on that horse?
  9. Horse Breeds... Calling Horse Experts!

    Aaah possibly! (on the razor). For Bela, yes!! That horse is perfect!
  10. Horse Breeds... Calling Horse Experts!

    Bela isn't a draft/clydesdale. In some years-ago thread someone pointed out that there are only two people in Emond's Field that actually owned draft horses. Also yea.. RJ definitely stated a razor (a horse from Arad Doman, not Seanchan) was not a zebra... So I think the most accurate picture would be an American Paint with stripes instead of patches.
  11. Have any horse experts/lovers gone through the Wheel of Time to track horse descriptions and plot them to real life breeds? I'm very curious what Tairen breed horses would be... thoroughbreds would be my guess. Domani horses seem to also be good horses, and draft horses are mentioned by that name, I believe (Or, they were called Dhurrans) Razors are the only other breed name mentioned in WoT. And RJ clarified they're just like American Paints. I'm also curious about other horses, too... any and all knowledge welcome. Also, I believe Mandarb is a Fresian (in our RL terms), but I don't think it's ever described where he came from. I've always suspected him to be a Borderland horse, but who knows.
  12. WoT Fans MeetUp in Seattle? Who'd be interested?

    Is he a WoT fan too? We're thinking (me and my friend) of doing this the weekend of September 16th (whichever weekend is closest to that day) so people get plenty of time to prepare, including ourselves. We want to make the gathering worth it, so I'd need help planning on what people would like to see or do while there.
  13. For those like me who cannot make it to JordanCon for whatever reason, (like it's too far away!) I was discussing with another WoT fan I know in WA state and we were thinking of having a gathering of WoT fans here. Probably to coincide with RJ's death anniversary so we have time for planning and can celebrate his greatest gift to us. Also we really want an excuse to dress up/cosplay. Would anyone be interested?
  14. My Fan Art

  15. This first paragraph has me chuckling :p For the second... actually I think a perfect example is how Nynaeve fell quickly for Lan, right? But I can TOTALLY understand this as a woman. He was obviously the man of her dreams and she wanted some of that LOL As for a lady like Elayne, though... I hate her character, BUT Rand is ta'veren so I can understand it only from this point of view. Min knew from her vision she would be with him, and that was that. With Rand the only romance I really enjoyed for a time was with Aviendha, because she was damn awesome, and so were their interactions. I'm not sure I can think of others who" fell in love with men all of a sudden"...