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Brownie Quest - Round 8 (Finals)

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All Teams are now accounted for.I was a bit lenient on this deadlinesince we're just starting and it was a weekend, but from now on if you miss the deadline random.org decides your fate *evil laughter*


I suggest that you take this time to check your weapons and supplies, the journey is about to begin.

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At last the adventure has truly begun. The adventurers formed groups electing Captains to lead them on the expedition. An almost audible hum of excitement filled the air. They were ready. 


All began moving forward out of the Black Tower grounds. One by one each team started gaining ground. The Black Tower was almost out of sight when it happened.


The Brownie bites had taken the lead, Eldrick running out ahead to scout and report back to the Captain. He was even more excited than most, eager to be the first to discover those Brownies. Him and his team of course that is. In his zeal he kept running and did not see a stone rising out of the ground. It shot up in a fury knocking him off of his feet. The others had all caught up by now just in time to see what was happening. With a crack as loud as thunder a great stone leaped out of the ground, opening to reveal a figure inside. 




Covered with dust and a look that was more than just insane he cackled seeing the reactions of those nearby.


"Turn back now and you may yet live to see tomorrow. No one will complete this Quest alive. No one!" he screeched, throwing his hands into the air for effect. He tossed his head back and bellowed out a somehow even more unstable cackle. 


Seeing that none would be turned away by his threat, his eyes darkened. No longer empty, but instead filled with seething rage. "If you shall continue then, I offer you this choice. One path leads to death and another to life" he said while gesturing. As he gestured with his right then left hand a huge stone tablet lifted from the ground on each side. They were completely identical.




"Let's see how brave you are now, fools!" he screamed, spittle rattling out.



Each Team must now choose Right or Left.

Choose wisely.


*Deadline is in 24 hours, so 6:00 PM GMT (1:00 PM CST). If all Team Captains respond sooner, we will move on to Round 2 early.

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We be the THE LIGHTNING SLINGERS! Captained by Kati! WHOOOOOOO!! I won't be first to die!


Lol... yay... lol 


Ok... ummm Left or right... Right or left.... *eyes the man suspiciously*

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** Huddles with teammates and decodes which pillar to all venture towards **

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Kat huddles around with the lightening slingers for a moment... 


You can hear whispers of "Left... no right... no.... well can't we just stab him? yeah... well we could all die either way..." *more grumbling* "fine no stabbing yet... ok yeah, if you're sure...." 

Finally they break up and Katiora steps forward.


"We are going to choose........... LEFT."   

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** breaking from the huddle Nikon and his team walks towards the pillar the man pointed to when he gestured LEFT **


We choose the pillar you gestured to when saying left...


OOC: Mod, if he is facing towards us we guess it would be his left, our right... So whichever direction you meant he gestured to when he says "LEFT" is the one we pick.

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The teams huddled into groups discussing what to do. Some looked to logic, some luck. The man was clearly mad, it was hard to trust anything that he said. The Lightning Slingers stepped forward first. "We'll go left!" their Captain proclaimed. They made their way toward the pillar the man had gestured to with his left hand. Team Xforce and the Tainted Tricksters soon joined, each deciding this must be the right choice. All looked over at the Brownie Bites as they had yet to make their decision. Their Captain stepped forward and with the flip of a coin also decided to go left.


Seeing all teams aligned together on one pillar the man's face darkened further. "You think you're more clever than I? You think you can win?! You'll never get out of here alive no matter what you choose!" he screeched. As his last words left his tongue he raises his hands and begins to throw fireball after fireball at the adventurers. Some tried to duck, some to run, but there was no time.




Eruptions of fire slung towards the groups smashing into them with a destructive blast. As the smoke cleared all were stunned to see they remained unharmed. The attacks had been stopped by a wall of Air.




They looked over to see of group of men in black coats coming from the Black Tower. "Get out of here." one said. "We'll handle this cretin."




You have all chosen wisely and survived Round 1. Round 2 will begin shortly.

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