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  1. "Honestly I would be shocked if anyone tried to kill Eldrick. Based on past experience he gets left alive unless he's mechanically cleared, lol" :D
  2. I'm still amazed you guys didn't even consider me for minister.
  3. Yay! Just finished mafia qt lol
  4. Working on the mafia qt now. Still wanna read the darthe+2 scum one :P
  5. i just read the graveyard what inspired the idea to give mafia a consolation prize of making there be NO FLIPS for the rest of the game in exchange for their alpha getting lynched? The prize we got for killing her wasn't that great. I mean we were already really well off, and I could see it being useful in other situations. We got 3 cop reveal stones. Check someone and if they did a peek, we get the result. We would have known leelou peeked tress..
  6. I saw something about them getting a black stone after Cass died (unknown if related) Use of that stone seemed to wipe coroner reports
  7. I think I handled my "knowing they were town" reads really well
  8. And my tablet randomly capitalizing everything was weeeiiiird
  9. Well my d1 reads list wasn't spectacular, it that's ok (bold scum. Italics I knew were town) Can't claim to have read darthe correctly this game. Still want to figure out he's town at some point.
  10. Thank you everyone for a great game. Thank you dpr for hosting. Thank you Kaylee for the VC help. And thank you nyn for your....contributions
  11. I have no idea. You had me fooled.
  12. I will wear your only town read with pride tho :D
  13. Only cuz I didn't know you at all, and couldn't read you off it.
  14. The radio thing was a little annoying, but also funny.
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