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BlueCon 2016 - The Cosplay Thread

Ithillian Turambar

The Fandom Poll  

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  1. 1. Which Fandom will you be Cosplaying as at BlueCon this year?

    • Marvel
    • Lord of the Rings
    • Harry Potter
    • Star Wars
    • Wheel of Time

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Hello and welcome to our Cosplay Thread for BlueCon 2016. Here you can show off the Cosplay outfit you must most like to wear, or just your favourite picture of the character you'd most like to be. Please keep them PG13 thanks. You can also ask me to turn that picture into a siggy for you.


And don't forget to vote in the Poll!













I can't wait to see your outfits :happy:

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I can't really see myself as cosplaying anyone from any of these five. I've never cosplayed in my life, period. (Unless trick-or-treat as a kid counts.) If I ever put together a cosplay outfit, it would probably be the Ninth Doctor. Not only is he my favorite version of the Doctor, but the costume itself is super-easy, with no elements that are hard to obtain. I actually already own a black leather jacket I got for Christmas a few years ago. It's not the same model, but any black leather jacket will be close enough IMO.




If I didn't care about simplicity, and was going to put the time, money, and energy into a costume, and if I actually had the talent for doing so, then I'd make a Star Trek Andorian. Sky-blue skin and antennae FTW. They've always been my favorite fictional race.



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I love cosplay! I do so a few times a year, when given an opportunity.


I've cosplayed as an Aes Sedai and a Ravenclaw student. I helped a friend sew together a white robe with hood to be the outfit Leia wore at the beginning of episode 4.


I don't think there's anyone in LotR I'd cosplay as (I don't know enough about the series), and the Marvel characters are a bit too detailed to mimic easily.


Of the five choices, WoT is my favorite! I love wearing my Aes Sedai shawl!

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I'll be someone from Rohan who went to Hogwarts and was Sorted into Gryffindor before going to the White Tower (and joining the Blue Ajah) where I found an odd Ter'angreal that turned out to be a light saber . . .  :laugh:

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I cosplayed a female sith last week end and i'll be cosplaying Fang from FF in a week... but in here, i 'll be ...






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Just as with any multi-day convention I've actually attended, I would cosplay a different thing each day.



Day 1: I haven't actually ever done a Marvel cosplay before but, if I did, I'd probably want to go as Odin, Thor's father.







Day 2: For my LotR cosplay, I'd have to go in my Gandalf the Grey cosplay which I wore to the most recent movie release.


Day 3: For my HP cosplay, I'd have to go as my OC character, a Slytherin Student. I wore this to a number of the movie releases.


Day 4: For my WoT cosplay, is there any question... I'd wear my Matrim Cauthon cosplay which I wore to the AMoL Sacramento stop.







All Nights: I'd wear my Jedi costume at night so I could take advantage of my lightsaber which is hard to see during the day.



Photos to be added later, need to see if I have any of my cosplay photos from these costumes on my desktop.

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I´d love to cosplay more. I never get the opportunity here.


I love my Aes Sedai shawl but it´s red. I would probably make a new brown one and be one of the brown sisters. Or, if we´re in the WoT world, I would make a Moghedien outfit. 


Once in my life I need to be Princess Leia as well. 




If I would make a HP dress I would definitely be Minerva McGonagall. 







* When I say make I mean that someone else will have to make it for me. lol 

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