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Gameshow Week--AUCTION

Aiel Heart

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Hello, and welcome to the Gameshow Week Auction! I do hope you had fun with all of your games and I hope that you have fun both spending your money and with your Warder-for-a-week!


Once again, these are the Warders we have up for auction right now:


Following are the points that were earned by various people throughout the week. I do ask that you try to be fair in your biding so that everyone who earned points  has a chance to participate in the fun if they wish!
Blom: 273
Chae: 153
Dice: 65
Heart: 30
Mills: 16
RTE: 50
Rhea: 5
Sooh: 138
Taborline: 50
Zander: 108
And also, my normal disclaimer: please be respectful in what you ask your Warder-for-a-week to do, and if there is any question or anyone feels at all uncomfortable, just let me know :) 
As I got this up late (sorry--life happened!), I hope everyone won't mind if I kept this open until Wednesday evening EST, at which time all bid winners will be announced. 
You may place your bids either here in thread or in a PM to me.
Also, the Warders will demonstrate their skills on command if requested ;) 
(Yes, that was totally in the contract!)
Sunshine has won Heart!
Blom has won Ahmyra and RTE!
Taboline has won Mills!
Chae has won Taborline!
Sooh has won Kronos!
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Can you make my points equal to the highest (so... 155) and distribute an equal amount to the rest that has very little or none?


Otherwise it'll be no fun :wink: I want competition!

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I may have a warder, but i have a lot of points *giggles*


and you, u didn't hoist me on your shoulder ...  :tongue:


*grabs her pen and notebook*



also... what are ur skills in silly '80 french music ?

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