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  1. Happy Birthday, Millon!

    Happy belated Birthday!
  2. Long Time No See

    'Llo We haven't met. Welcome back!
  3. Myra

    Or you know, you could come back to PC gaming ;)
  4. He *is* Banded to me :look and thusly related to Zander.... I cannot choose between my Bonded and my Banded so I shall settle for cheering for both!
  5. Myra

    I friggen love it!!!! so much awesomeness in such a pretty colorful package!
  6. The Warder Field Trip

  7. Myra

  8. Myra

    I know a little bit and skimmed over the rest.... I, however, got a shiny new gaming keyboard.... it lights up!!!!!
  9. Myra

    *laughs out loud* Man I love you people
  10. The Warder Field Trip

    Pretty good observation there Olwena and it sad that we don't get to know the warders as well as we should...
  11. Myra

    Yeah we had that convo too.... but this one seriously flabbergasted me... It would be perfectly fine for a hypothetical daughter to play with and a have little male friends cause they are kids but I cannot go out for lunch with one of my very best friends since high school... I cannot carpool with a pastor from our church who is also happily married with a kid if we are the only two in the vehicle.... and yet it is totally fine to have had multiple girlfriends and slept with them all prior to marrying me.... Uhm, what? This is where you draw the line?
  12. Myra

    Staying alive.... Got a nasty cold over Christmas that is just now starting to let go... Coming to terms and getting used to the grief of miscarrying last year... Enjoying poking holes in my husband's old-fashioned, archaic logic re: no male friends for his wife... So you know... keeping my head above water...
  13. Myra

    *feels all the love* Except that bloody Accepted fleeing with my cake....
  14. Myra

    Hey now! Bloody Accepted *grumbles*
  15. Myra

    *snuggles the crap out of her Bonded* You are too good to me Sedai-mine!