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  1. Class? I drink my tea out of big old mugs as well, and darn it, I like it.
  2. damn ... now u know i was stalking you on facebook lolololololol You can do that any time ;) Back to the question: I never want to commit to what is a more masculine trait and what is a more feminine trait as there are too many exceptions. People might take female warders for granted, underestimate them, and thus give them an opportunity to shut down their opponents
  3. Not embarrassing at all, Nyn! Everyone liked them when I was at school
  4. I got owl as well. And shout out to the quiz maker for mentioning Balto. I loved that film.
  5. I admitted mine for the first time outside of my 6 year relationship.
  6. I'll go with my first childhood crush (I was 8?), which I normally NEVER admit to. Kevin Costner. NOW and THEN I still would
  7. Excellent stuff. I'm a huge Kingkiller fan, and will definitely check it out!
  8. The Universal Short Title Catalogue is hours of fun, if you like this kind of thing (which I do).
  9. You are all too sweet! Hiarth, that is one gorgeous weapon, thank you! You all make me feel right at home
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