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9 - 5 Mafia - Day 3 - GAME OVER! MAFIA WINS!


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Game Rules (Stolen from Ithi mostly as per usual)


•This is an Advanced Game, but is very new player friendly!

•You may not quote any part of any private communication I have with you. This includes PM’s, QT boards, or IM convos.

•You may not edit your posts.

•This is a hammer game. When the hammer vote is cast, we stop counting votes and unvotes. Period.

•Votes and unvotes need to be bolded and red. Please unvote to change your vote.

•Please send all day/night actions to me via your respective QTs and/or Role PM.

•If no majority is reached by the deadline, I will modkill a random player and no coroner info will be given.

•No talking (about the game <.<) off thread unless you have been given a QT board. Period. 

•Day 1 will be 72  hours long. After that Days will be no more than 72 hours long and nights will be no more than 48 hours. Adjustments will be made for weekends.

•After death, you get one "Bah!" post that may not contain any game-related information.

•Self voting is allowed. You can vote No Lynch if you really want to.

•I dont mind chatting ... some of you may already be aware of this. Feel free to ask questions and stuff, either in the game or via PM if you prefer - I'd rather you just asked than blame me after

•I'm in the UK, currently on GMT+1. Don't expect me to be awake ALL the time America. I'll be travelling the east coast of Canada and the US for the next week but after that GMT+1 all day erry day.

•(In Ithi Voice) Stay reasonably active ... don't make me get cross with you. It's not a gameshow or a competition - so I don't need you to spam ridiculously. You just need to make at least 2 proper game type posts per Game Day. Playing Quiet or Playing Loud are bother perfectly valid styles and I'm not going to call you out on either. If you have a genuine reason for proper inactivity please let me know.

•You can claim whatever and whenever you like

•Play nice. Don't make me come back there. If I forget anything I can AND WILL add rules if need be. And you will follow them. Cause I am the law. 


•Do not claim these are Ithi's rules


Player List


1.Sooh - Employee - Town Vanilla - Lynched Day 3
3.Zander (Mentored by Kaylee)
5.Ithi - PunchClock - 3rd Party Survivor with 3x Phase Changer - Killed Day 1
6.Shadar Manbat
7.Dice - Labour Union - Town Cop- Killed Night 2
9.Seph (Mentored by Tress) - Employee - Town Vanilla - Lynched Day 1
10.BFG Seph 2.0 (Mentored by Tress)

12.Leyrann - Employee - Town Vanilla - Lynched Day 1
14.Clov - Health Insurance - Town Doctor - Killed Night 1

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Of course. Right on time, just like usual. Right at the best part of your dream. It never fails! And look at that, you're blind! Again! Because the sun just always seems to find its way out from behind the curtains and right into your eyes. As you turn towards your alarm clock the time is ever so painfully etched deep into the back of your head: 5:00 am. Because waking up any later would mean you would miss the train and two buses you would need to get to your crappy office job. But hey, some has got to pay the bills. And no one else is in your bed... Not like there is room for anyone else in your two room apartment anyways. Enough daydreaming, you need to get out of bed. It's time to get to work.


DAY 1 HAS BEGUN. You have 72 hours.


All role PMs have been sent. YOU MAY NOW BEGIN TO POST.

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They're awake playing on their pad things in bed. We like being lazy on a weekend.


9 to 5 is a fallacy these days. 8 till 4.45 Monday to Friday with alternate Tuesdays off and alternate Saturday 8 till 12.15


I need to add don't game the mod/criticize the game on the first page to the rules? :tongue: 

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