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Psycho - A Darthe Event Mafia Game SIGNUPS


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"There's still something to be learned here, some stone left unturned. When we explore the mind we must always keep in mind that our journeys rarely delve beyond the surface. Who these people, these monsters, are has always been and likely will ever remain a mystery. Such is the nature of our toilsome, often fruitless work. So, I ask you to ponder this question. Can you handle that? Think on it for our special meet tonight. Class dismissed."

Dr. Douglas' lecture stuck with me today. He had challenged me with that question. Could I handle it? Could I handle it? I knew the answer already but he didn't. I'd have to show him. In the passenger seat some chatty guy was trying pitifully to keep up a stream of dull chit-chat despite my obvious cold shoulder. Every so often he would glance over and somehow his eyes were always caught just a bit below my eyes. Idiot. Men were so very predictable when they thought sex was on the line. Today was something different though. Today he was cover, my latest attempt to blend in and so I am reduced to nodding and baring through his football talk. Besides, he paid for gas on the way to the professors house. Nobody really knew what Dr. John, as he sometimes liked to be called, wanted of this evening but he had said to pack a sleeping bag and that he would provide food. I doubt many would have come if it weren't thirty percent of the course grade. As things were everyone was slated to be there.

From the dark smirk that Dr. Douglas had given when he told the class about this... Special project she wondered if it wasn't wiser to just stay home.


To another Darthe Event game. For those of you who don't know Event games are sort of different. I label them thus because they are extra-well prepared, scenes matter, I tend to explore some mechanic in mafia in this games and because.. well... they're events!

Here are the rules:
No communication that I don't create or specifically allow.
Day and Night are on a rigid 48-12 schedule meaning that if Day ends at 8PM night begins at 8PM, even if I am not around to post a scene or info. Don't worry though, I'll be here regularly.
No major post editing (I'll allow it for grammatical errors etc).
Play to your win-con and to player ethics as established by the BT rules and MAMA.
We live in a primitive time, neither savage nor wise. Mafia is a game of half measures, dishonesty and betrayal. If you can't deal with people being mean within the bounds of good conduct (AKA they didn't cheat or use profanity or personally assault you) then this game may not be a good fit for you. Keep that in mind when you sign up.
Going 48 hours without posting results in a modkill unless there is a voluntary replacement already waiting. I'd prefer that you post at least 2-3x per day. Similarly if I think that you aren't putting effort into this game I'll annoy you to come play my game and then, if there isn't improvement refer to the modkill part of this rule.
You may claim.
Please vote in the established [v] ##Format[/v]. I'll count anything that I see and can tell is a vote but if it isn't in this format and I miss it then it didn't count.
I may add rules in the future. If I do, or if any major mechanical change in the game occurs, I will inform you all in a mod-post.

Tenets Room Key #:
1. ReleaseTheEvil
2. Dicetosser1
3. Red2111
4. Pralaya
5. TinaHel
6. Hearthlight
7. Ithillian
8. Clovdyx
9. Andrej
10. Sooh
11. Turin Turambar
12. Leyrann
13. Songstress
14. Conquest

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What's it about?

People die in it and bad things may or may not happen.


Will I be vanilla town?


There's always that chance.



So many should be Dice but I don't know who is still around.  Still =) gotcha.  


Turin, you haven't lived til you've experienced the emotional rollercoaster of a co-ed sleepover.

Our sixth form hired a house with a pool table and a swimming pool once. Would it be like that?



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Ok. Think Harry Potter Advanced Wizarding Levels.


We complete our OWLs at age 16. At this point you can legally leave school, however you are required to remain in further education or an apprenticeship until you are 18. You can do this at a college or in the 6th form of your school. Lower 6th and upper 6th. Alas those archaic titles have now been replaced by Year 12 and Year 13


Also ... I found a round disc that one throws. Is it yours?

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