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Pickem Superbowl Edition


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So as The winner of this could easily be Clovdyx by simply guessing right and all he has to do is sink in 216 points to beat WWWwombat. Assuming Covdyx guesses right!


Guess how many times Deflate gate is mentioned during the Super-Bowl, get +50 extra points!

Bet points on a wardrobe malfunction, you get a 15x multiplier bonus!

Guess how many Interceptions there are, get +15 Points!

Guess how many fights break out, get +25 points!



SinisterDeath: 194
Andrej: 33
TGlems: 15
Az: 5
Haxorsist: 10
Keyholder21: 56
Turin Turambar: 150
Rand al'Thor: 5
SamVimes: 5
Clovdyx: 236
WWWwombat: 216
corycurren: 10
jmm: 160
Zashara: 40

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I think you are low on the deflategate unless you are just talking about the pregame. I also doubt there will be 5 fights but 4 INTs is a possibility if counting both sides.


LOL @ wardrobe malfunction.  you talking player, entertainment or other?

Entertainment (half-time show) 

Though, I'll count it, if Tom Brady' gets depantsed(sp?)


Deflate gate isn't including pre-game. Only game + halftime. :wink:

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