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  1. Believe it or not, the grocery store I used to work at actually sold those suckers for a little bit… probably near Chinese new year or something. They are crazy uncle of citrus family. And yes, they are weird to hold as to look at.
  2. The midwest is oddly quiet at the moment after starting off hard (not as hard as you Buffalo folks but still). I have a feeling it's waiting for January to unleash rampant destruction.
  3. I think it depends... My middle sister is married to a man 12 years older than she. If one partner is 40 and the other 55 there doesn't seem to be that much of a gap, IMO. If one is 18 and the other 30, legally there is no problem, but it seems to me that both are in different phases of life. Long term compatability may be a concern. Ultimately, unless one is legally a minor, it is up to the two individuals involved. Correct. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, if two people are meant to be, then props to them! The reason I mentioned 10 years as a benchmark number is that beyond that, experiences of major events and life checkpoints can start to become significantly different. For example, someone who was 14 when 9/11, the moon landing, JFK's assassination, or any other huge event happened will never forget it. Someone who is 4 won't remember a thing. Things later in life, like retirement, also might happen at significantly different times. I suppose being a relatively younger person myself affects my outlook on it - when you're young, a year is a VERY long time. As I get older, time seems to speed up, so maybe 10 years isn't as long as it once seemed to be as you get older.
  4. Another problem with that approach is the potential destruction the pattern itself, which to me seems like the end of existance. Both sides probably want to continue existing
  5. 10 years feels like an acceptable distance apart, but more than that and you start approaching the distance where one could be the child of the other. Of course, if two people with a large age gap really get each other, who am I to judge?
  6. Now that I look at it more, it kind of looks like a sword she's holding upside-down. But that still brings up the question as to why…
  7. She looks too nice to have a sideways Sauron skull staff… (alliteration ftw)
  8. jmm


    Oh thanks! Too many great people here to not have a blast!
  9. Josephine Bakhita Sudanese born woman who was a slave early in life then went on to become a sister in italy, declared saint by RCC in 2000.
  10. I'm a bigtime intro as well but am totally fine with sharing We met in middle school, and started dating in high school. We actually did long distance for a few years while dating - she was about 8 hours away from me. We thankfully got rid of the long distance when college rolled around - we went to schools literally right down the road from each other. After we got married and graduated, she got a job as a teacher and we moved to another city. I picked up a decent job there within a couple months, but at the start of this school year, she got her dream job teaching an hour and a half away. I've had that same job up until now and have been living that hour and half away during the week at our apartment while she lives with her parents near where she works. I just got a job working in the town she works in, so we'll finally be back to living together! It's been about 5 months of being apart, much less than when we were dating, but being apart while being married is a lot harder! It's been tough but it's about over!
  11. I really like the point you brought up about the blight. It's not a skeletal deadland, but very much alive and kicking. And eating. That corrupting nature of the DO seems to be the main reason most people bring up... I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for some things to think on!
  12. Ooo I like that answer. Salt can turn something mediocre into something delicious! And we need it…
  13. Hi again, blank! I will definitely take a look at the challenge! I'm moving back to my hometown and know that library really well, so I will probably spend more time there than I have at past libraries. See above for the Circle.
  14. Hi Basel, nice to meet you! Yeah, Crichton isn't afraid to pull punches while he's writing… sometimes they are very gruesome books, but a lot of them were quite good imo. I really should probably pick another one up once I'm done with this WoT read-through. The Circle is mainly geared at a Protestant audience and contains many allegories, but is rather fantasy-focused nonetheless. What would you say is your favorite book you've ever read, or perhaps if you don't have one favorite, what is one that you really enjoyed?
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