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  1. FINAL JEOPARDY RESULTS: Question: This alliterative Jedi, eventually promoted to Master, was the one who killed the Dark Jedi Jerec. Points previous to answer: Ithi: 19400 Dar: 16400 Cairos: 18600 Bids: Ithi: 19400 Dar: 10000 Cairos: 8600 Answers: Ithi: Who is kyle katarn Dar: Not sure Cairos: Who was kartan? Correct answer: Who was Kyle Katarn Points after FJ: Ithi: 38800 Dar: 6400 Cairos: 27200 Congratulations to Ithi!!!! Our big winner! Thank you to all participants - I hope you had fun!
  2. Bids are in - here is the question: FINAL JEOPARDY This alliterative Jedi, eventually promoted to Master, was the one who killed the Dark Jedi Jerec.
  3. Ithi picks up both questions, getting 1600 more points! Final jeopardy category is JEDI MASTERS Stand by for a PM for bidding!
  4. Ithi gets Force for 800! Dar gets 4/5 questions right for 2000 points and passed on the last. There are TWO passed questions on the board - I'll send out the final jeopardy question tomorrow and you may guess on those two until it is sent.
  5. Ithi brought something to my attention with my question on Corellia for 1600 so I'm taking it off the board and giving Ithi back 1600. I asked what sector it was in and really was asking for the region, which was "core".
  6. Ithi gets 4 right and 1 wrong for 800 total points - Dar and Cairos you may take a shot at her miss if you wish.
  7. Cairos gets 3 right, 1 wrong, and passes on one for 4800 points! Dar and ithi, you may guess on the two he didn't get!
  8. All TIEd Up for 400 and 800 Mandalorians for 400 and 800 Corellia for 400 and 800
  9. Ithi, there are actually 11 remaining (5 for you, 5 for Dar, and 1 for Cairos). Here they are for you to pick from: Padmé for 400 All TIEd Up for 400 and 800 Mandalorians for 400, 800, and 1200 They said it for 400 The force for 400 Corellia for 400, 800, and 1600
  10. Dar gets her daily double correct for 4000 more points!
  11. Corellia for 1200 is already done - I can give you the other for but pick another one, Cairos.
  12. Dar bids 4000 on her daily double! She gets the other 4 correct and picks up 4800 points.
  13. Cairos has gotten his daily double correct for 3000 points! Cairos and Ithi you may now select your second set of 5. Dar has found the second daily double!!
  14. Ithi gets all 5 right for 8800 points! Waiting on Dar to select her 5, then Ithi and Cairos can select their next 5.
  15. Cairos has answered 4/4 correct so far and has bid 3000 on the daily double he found! That's 5200 more points.
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