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Welcome to the BotRH Tonnalea!!!


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Tonnalea or Tonn for short has decided to join the awesomeness here at the band!  We love to have new members and I'm sure you will fit right in!  Until your access gets taken care of why dont you feel free to explore what threads you can see.  Maybe you could visit the various taverns we have.  Or partake in our music discussion threads. :laugh:

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Hi Tonnalea (any preferences?) I'm BFG of the Archers, Real pleasure to help welcome you to the Band, also for calling Dav a duckling I'd give you free flaming shots for a week (except they're all free anyway, so it's a bit of a pointless gesture, how about I protect you from AJ's FEDs instead?) 


Thanks all! I've been using my mad ninja skills and sneaking around here for days now, I just hadn't said anything yet. Looking forward to 

getting to know you all. :)


And destined to be an Archer is all I can say, Infants rattle to much to be sneaky, and Cav, well they ride along on 500kg beasts how quiet can they be?  Come find us on the Range as soon as you can!

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Na Cav can be sneaky when needed. I seem to always be in places I dont want to be without anyone knowing it.


Just means we leave the horses to play by themselves for a bit


Badly lit rooms
Readily available friends
Easily spilled drinks
Where is this great place?
Interesting costumes and great jokes abound
Serious RA's try to keep us down
Sacred brew is not to be trifled with
All spills are to be mourned
Callous criminals will pay the price
Redarms ahoy they uphold the law
Eager recruits get tipsy when welcomed
Delve into this realm of madness
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LOVE the flamin' welcome wagon, guys! Thanks!


We shall see where I end up, BFG, darling. I'm really good with horses, so Cav wouldn't be a stretch for me. I can also shoot, so...


Then again...I may just have to follow the Duckling. **roguish grin**


We shall see who can charm me into their ranks. :wink:

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