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[Blue Ajah HP Week] Picture Caption


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Each day i'll be posting two Harry Potter Pictures.  1 will be a Lego Harry Potter picture, the other will be a Picture from the Harry Potter Movies.  You guys post captions to the pictures.  funniest captions get bragging rights :happy:



here are the first set of pics :laugh:



Picture 1a





Picture 1b



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I'm no good at this.  I recognize humor, but can't seem to make it myself.  :P  Still, I'll give it a go.


Picture 1a:

Hagrid: "To get to the Platform, all you have to do is climb inside my belly."


Picture 1b:

Troll: "Are you almost done?  I really need to go!"

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1a) and that harry is how you kill a big mac in under 5 seconds

1b) hermione: ron why does your head look like a pumpkin

      ron: hermoine, its halloween!

      harry: shut up you two!, cant you see im playing with bubbles here

      troll: 1 girl and 2 guys in a toilet, what are they doing......

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very good submissions and the choice for day ones bragging rights were hard.  but ...


bragging rights for picture 1a go to Chuckles, and bragging rights for picture 1b go to Ithi.  good job you two!



and now the bar has been set, everyone give these two pictures a try!



Picture 2a




Picture 2b



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2a.  If I catch you snogging my sister again, I'll break the other arm!


2b. I told you Divination was a wooly subject, Harry.  Besides, Trelawney is such a fraud . . . that's not a crystal ball, it's a pumpkin!

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2a.  Ron: "Harry, if you keep singing 'Call Me Maybe' under your breath, you're going to have a lot more broken than just that arm."


2b.  Harry:  "I thought at least the butterbeer would be real."

        Hermione:  "We're LEGOS, Harry.  What did you expect?"

       Ron:  "We're legos?"

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2a: ron: cant believe you did that with my sister 

      harry: it wasnt like that ron 

      ron: *mutters under his breath* git


2b: harry: hermoine!! we cant be seen in public wearing the same thing, think of my rep!

      hermoine: oh no!! i need to go change before anyone sees me

      ron: what happened to you mate?

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very good submissions!!   but after much diliberation Dar wins street cred for Picture 2a and Turin wins street cred for picture 2b!



here are the next roudn of pictures!  enjoy  :happy:



picture 3a





Picture 3b



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3a.  (Still thinking for this one!)


3b.  Harry: Your mother was a Troll and your father was a hinkypunk and you couldn't catch a snitch if it fell into your pocket!

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Oh I missed this yesterday... No rights but gonna post them anyway.


3a: Ginny: Please Harry not in front of the house elf.


3b: Harry: Are you enjoying the itching powder I put on your broom?



Now back to our regularly scheduled captions...


4a: Trewlawney: This is your persnickety line, it is why you are such a know it all. and...

      Hermione: (Thinking to herself) You are such a fraud :dry:


4b: pick one: What died in here? It smells like no one cleaned up after the Centaurs

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4a: Trelawney:  You, my dear, will die a lonely, unhappy, alcoholic old woman . . . Oh, dear . . . how awkward . . . that was my palm . . .


4b: Hermione:  Harry, why'd you poke him so hard up the nose with your wand, then?  Now there are troll brains all over the washroom floor!

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