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[Blues HP Week] Owl Post


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Okay this is simple.  each post counts as 1 owl post. First person writes a letter or message, then the following post is a message from someone else to the previous person.  


(owl post #1)


I love you!



(owl post #2)


I love you more



(owl post #3)


Your a stupid git!



only rules are to keep it PG 13, no double posts, and Owl Posts are limited to Harry Potter characters, Actors from the Harry Potter Movies and DM members         

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Mr. Weasley,


I would respond to your failing attempt at being funny, but i couldn't decipher your words over all of the food smudges on your parchment.  you really shoudl wash your hands after you eat.


- Moony

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dog breath,


Sirius, did you seriously just say siriusly.


i thought Irony was lost on your thick head.



The Marvolous and Most esteemed professor, and master of hogwarts,


Servous Snape.

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Professor Snape,


I intercepted a letter for you from Dolores Umbridge.  She said for you ("Severus, my little Tom cat") to meet her at the usual time and at the usual place and to bring some more of Rosemerta's Oak Matured Mead.  She signed it as, "Your little kitten."  If you don't lay off Harry and start acting like a decent person rather than a miserable git, I'll have the letter published in the Daily Prophet.



Ginny Weasley

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Ms Ginerva Molly Weasley,


Hem Hem.  It has come to my attention that you are not only reading other peoples mail, which is most assuredly a crime punishable by law, but that you are also threatening to publish classified documents from the desk of the Under Secretary of the Minister of Magic.  Furthermore, as made law by Decree #2513014, by the Wizard Mongrot in the year 1532, leaking of classified material is punishable by no less thana  fine of 50,000 galleons and up to 20 years served in Azkban without the possability of parole.  Not only that but in the year 1932 it was made punishable by law to spread falsehoods and slander on Ministry Employees.


Please note that this is your one and only warning young lady, and that you have been placed on the Minister of Magics Undisireable List.  Furhter threats or action from you in this way will cause not only yourself to be brought under furhter investigation; but also all of your known associates and for your Father to be suspended, with out pay, from his position here at the Ministry.


It is my sincere hope that you endeavor to make better descissions in the future about how to conduct yourself as a proper lady and realize that your actions have consequences that extend farther than yourself.



From the desk of


Ms Delorise J. Umbridge


Secretary to the Minister of Magic

Esteemed Employee of the Ministry of Magic

Head of the Affairs for the Betterment of Wizard Relations with Muggles

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Dear Firenze,


Bane got into my fire whiskey again and and the drunk sod is snorin' in my pumpkin patch.  'e needs to be moved before the Ministry finds out.  That Umbridge woman 'as been sniffin' aroun' here again.



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