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Welcome Blood_Knight!


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Hello :)


Welcome to the BT! Please help yourself to some of the brownies that should soon appear, and tell us a bit about yourself if you like. More knowledably welcomey people will show up soon I hopes.


In the meantime, feel free to explore the main board, make yourself at home and, uh... don't mind the funny smell coming from behind that sofa.

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Welcome to the Black Tower! Tell me, what brings you here. Is it the taint perhaps? 


You will soon be added to our private boards. Until then, hang out here on the main board. We are a friendly (but crazy) bunch, as you will notice. If you want to, tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been reading WoT? Who is your favourite asha´man?

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Oops nearly missed this :blush:


Welcome Blood!


That means we is homies right? Or at least friends :)


Welcome to the BT. Our wonderful Lady Dragon has already spotted you - so our secrets will be available to you soon. You should keey your eye open for the Farmhouse and go and sign up for Saidin Class when it appears - and also put your name down for the 100 Questions in the Village.


Are you interested in playing Games? We usually have a couple running here - A Mafia Game and a Non-Mafia game. These are great ways to get to know people and become more involved in our community. Do please watch for sign ups and join in when you can. I can even give you a helpful hints and tips sheet.


Do you have any hobbies? What other series do you like to read? How did you find DM?

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Where did he go? Get over here!!!


Welcome BloodKnight. Have a good look around and spam to your heart's content.


Any questions just ask. Someone will provide a plausible answer.


or an implausible one, I here some people like to do that before breakfast

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