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[SG Faire:Aiel]: Spear Toss

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Welcome, Wetlanders, to the Threefold Land. Are you ready to test your spear throwing skills against the Aiel's sharpest competitors?

This is how the competition will unfold. I am Lenlo, member of the Cor Dorai, and your competition moderator, and will be making sure you all stay in line as well as making your teams!

I will be asking you dif questions and telling you if you have the right answers.

The questions will be about the Aiel culture and characters, and points will be awarded to the first team with a member who answers it correctly. You will be required to make a short (one sentence or so) RP about tossing your spear before you answer, because answering a question correctly means you made a good spear toss!

As soon as we have enough players I will post announcing the teams, and the official start of the game. Even after the game starts, you can still sign up and join in! I will  announce which team anyone who wanders in after the start will be joining!

*When posting your answers please post in the color of your team, just to make keeping track of your points easier.

Please sign up by posting on this thread, or PMing me! thanks!


Red Team: 6 Point







Blue Team: 6 Point






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Alright. We have a good number of people here so ill give it just afew more hours and then start with the first question.

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Your in! And sorry that took so long everyone. Babysitting job went on alot longer than I thought it would.


Q1: What is a sept, in relation to a clan?

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AJ gripped the haft of the spear loosely in his hands, looking down at the smooth wood with the gleaming metal spear tip. He tested the balance, uncurling his fingers to let it rest in the center of his palm unwavering. Satisfied, he made a fist around it again and drew his arm back before taking two shuffling movements forward, heel to heel in the dirt before lunging and casting the spear out ahead of him; his throwing out extended away from his body in the follow-through technique.


A sept is a specific body of Aiel inside of the clan.


Such as the Nine Valley sept of the Taardad clan




Edit: Forgot to post my team's color.

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Aj is correct! Sorry that took so long. I asnt being let on for some reason.


Q2. How many warrior societies are there among the Aiel?

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chuckles for the blue team


Chuckles grasped his spear and looked straight ahead, he knew this, he was freakin awesome and very modest, he felt eyes on him, but he ignored them and threw his spear straight forward.....


12 societies 


such as the Far Dareis Mai

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AJ hefted another spear, confident again his throw would be true. He reared an arm back and lunged forward, throwing it forward.


The Threefold land refers to the three 'gifts' given to the Aiel. A place to shape them, a place to prove their worth, and lastly a punishment for their sins of the past.



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Because it's fun? :laugh:


Len, if somebody has already posted and I know they have posted the right answer, can I still post then? Or is it first person to get it right, even if the mod hasn't confirmed that it's right yet, that round is over?

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