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  1. Narg, How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
  2. Very interesting discussion! I'm still on Gathering Storm, so I can't really join in, but I love reading it.
  3. Rand w/ two hands > Galad is a bit surprising, but makes it even more pitiful he lost his hand. I'm still mad at him. Personally Lan seems a clear superior to any other swordsman living, and in my opinion by a fair margin. That is why some random Warder thrown into one chapter of the book beating Lan irritates me greatly. Lan's most defining moment for me was (the details are now blurry) when he was practicing extremely exerting forms on his own a ways off while Aes Sedia quietly conversed about him, and later it is revealed he heard every word. True greatness. Just wanted to he
  4. Hmm, don't think I'm that far yet. Lan admits that who is better than him? Not putting a character to that name at the moment.
  5. I just read a section out of The Gathering Storm (my first read through). In Chapter 13 "An Offer and a Departure", Gawyn defeats two warders at once for the third time in a row. One of the two warders, Sleete, was described as "...near-legendary in the White Tower for his prowess. He was said to have bested even Lan Mandragon twice out of seven bouts, back when Mandragon had been known to spar with other Warders." Really? I want say Sanderson is hornswoggling us here. Some new Warder never before mentioned appears in Book 12, and he beats Lan two out of seven spars? And Gawyn can beat him
  6. They're my favorite band, for sure.
  7. Tool That's where it's at for me, not sure if you classify them as metal.
  8. I really want to as a joke nominate... Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived
  9. 181. You spill milk. At first you think, "Don't cry over spilled milk, it's no big deal." Then you think of how the Aiel would react to that statement with regards to spilled water...
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