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  1. Perfexionist

    [SG Faire:Aiel]: Spear Toss

    Good job everyone!
  2. Perfexionist

    Spears and Hearts Ball

    Entered the ball, immediately warmed by the atmosphere. Soft conversation wafted through the air, and resplendent decorations adorned the room. It was lovely. But not as lovely as Nyanna. She stood to the side, and the light played off her as it does a diamond. It originated in her eyes and danced around her entire figure. He couldn't help but smile at the sight of her. He fetched a couple drinks and headed her way. "You're stunning, as always," he said, offering her a glass. "I hope you are well."
  3. Perfexionist

    [SG Faire: Shayol Ghul] Ask Narg

    Narg, How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
  4. Yea we guess in here. I think Cyan originally had one on me.
  5. Perfexionist

    Spears and Hearts - Sweet Stuff

    Thanks! *munching*
  6. Perfexionist

    Spears and Hearts - Sweet Stuff

    Oh my that looks amazing!
  7. Taps feet to the song and leans into Time
  8. Jazz, but anything is good with you
  9. Sits back with Time, enjoying the moment. "Would you like to play a song? We could sing, or dance, or just listen...." Thoughts trail away as he looks into her eyes.
  10. Perfexionist

    Spears and Hearts - Wreath Making Thread

    Carried the wreath gingerly, cradling it in his arms. It was a circle blooming with color: Yellow for her smile; Blue for her grace; Green for her life; And gold for her heart. Smiling, he placed the wreath softly at Nyanna's feet.
  11. I agree. It may deserve a warning in OP about its danger.
  12. Perfexionist

    Spears and Hearts - Sweet Stuff

    Oooh heart-shaped gumdrops