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I'm not going to the WoT discussion anymore...


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Well they have beaten the topic to death, but I've never liked faile or egwene :rolleyes: so I can ignore it, but I like androl and brandon's a great guy(never met him,but seems like one) and he's a great writer and I suppose we (the wot community) should be thankful someone finished the series instead of complaining.

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Those are like all of the best people in the series! And Brandon is phenomenal!!!!  :huh:


That's what I mean... Egwene, Androl and ToM/AMoL Rand are my favorite characters. :)


And Brandon... Well, they might have a point that it looks a bit like fanfiction (yes, I saw someone say that), but then, isn't fanfiction in the direction of what RJ wanted not a million times better than no ending?


Also, Panchi, you might've found that your head is on your neck, but are you sure about where your neck is?

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I think the Discussions are alright, until you get to the 2 guys with 50 posts each, back and forth, about why the other person is

a dim-glow for not seeing the other person's POV is the right one. (However, I also enjoy trolling those people, so... yay.)

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It was on my neck :blush:


lol 5 points to Panchi.


I rarely write there either but I use to read some threads, especially the new ones now that I have read AMoL. It is a discussion forum so people are of course allowed to discuss. :)  But I agree that it can get a bit out of hand. I rather discuss with people I know. Talking about that - Mish started a AMoL discussion group on FB if anyone is interested.

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I just went there for the first time In a while to check out the AMoL discussions, and yes, it was bad.

I think my problem is I need to LIKE someone before I'll listen to their negative opinions on anything.

But anyone talking bad about Brandon for doing his best to conclude this for us is ridiculous. He's done an amazing job.

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