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It has to be said - I don’t actually remember the first timeI “met” Eddie on Dragonmount. I know it was early on for me, probably during Lily’s Disney Mafia game. Adella and I became close friends during that game and through her I got to know Ed better, both on and off Dragonmount. The three of us would chat on MSN every night for hours. Gradually through MSN and PMs Ed and I got to know each other better.


Just weeks after becoming friends my life fell apart, my mother passed away from lung cancer. In real life I am the “strong” one in my family, the one who organises everything and holds everyone else together. For me Ed became the soft place to fall, at the end of the day when I wasemotionally and mentally exhausted he would make me laugh or just let me cry.


We supported each other through daily life, encouraging eachother in dealing with everyday situations. I was so proud of Ed when he made the decision to join the Army despite knowing how unpopular that decision would be with some people in his life, he chose to pursue the career of his choice.


Adella and I had discussed bonding in the White Tower and I had elected to wait until I was raised Aes Sedai. In the weeks leading up to my raising I approached Ed and asked him to be my brother. In September 2010 the three of us were bonded.


The more Ed and I talked the closer we became. We talked every day, whether by MSN or text. When Ed went to basic training I pined for him. The lack of contact proved to me just how much I love this man - oceans apart or no Ed is my flesh and blood. I would give him my last dollar or the shirt off my back if he needed it.


Once he made it out of basic we got back to talking everyday. In March/April this year I had a complete emotional breakdown; Ed helped keep me sane through that time. Even though I was absent from DM for almost 2 months he would text me and message me just to make sure I was okay.


I’m not sure he understands just how much his love and support has meant to me over the last 18 months. He knows more about me than most people in my real life. My day is not complete unless I have talked to my brother, sometimes I will get a text in the middle of the night now and my husband just rolls over and says “Would you tell Ed to go to sleep!” LMAO


I admire the way that Ed can let insults just roll off him and he always comes up laughing. I have seen some things posted to him over the last 18 months that would make many people snap and retaliate but Eddie just laughs it off and plays along. I wish I had the ability to do that, I’m too paranoid usually to be able to do that.


If there is something that I don’t like about Ed it’s that he is so negative about himself. He is amazingly supportive and encouraging of others yet so down on himself. He refuses to smile because he hates his teeth; but I wish he could see what I see. Ed is gorgeous, loving, caring and supportive. And the girl he ends up with someday will be a very lucky woman.


He is funny most of the time, serious some of the time,awesome all of the time, Ed, I am proud to call you my brother and I love you.

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maybe love will save the world in under a million lifetimes. . .


edit: no, wait, it's OK, i just looked into debates and discussions.

lmfao. Nice one.


oh my...


there won't be any exchange of bodily fluids or personally identifiable information, will there? cause i'm gonna need my gallagher raincoat if there is.


i better just hide under the bed till it's over.


mazal tov, guys.

and hahahaha. PII reference ftw. >.<





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I don't really endorse any of what's going on here, except one thing.


I fully support the use of ed when you want to throw a rock at someone and there isn't one about... and so you need an immediate substitute *nodnod*






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