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Attention, Archer Corps!!


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And by 'attention' I mean snap to it! There's a very distinguished visitor in the ranks today. She's an older woman, accompanied by a handful of guards in the livery of the ruling House of Ghealdan. She has a bit of grey in her hair, but she still radiates an air of command that has nothing to do with her lineage. She is humming a soft tune under her breath, one you have never heard before, and there is just a hint of a tear in here eye.


She is Elanor Kigarin, and she was once an officer of this great organization, long ago, when Shen an Calhar was still searching for its true purpose in the world of Dragonmount. (Good job, btw, I've seen your website!)



aka Elanor Kigarin

Former Captain General of the Archer Corps (both RP and Community)

Revisiting her old stomping grounds

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Welcome back Elanor, although I didn't have the pleasure of knowing you before, I look forward to the chance to get to know you now.


I am Vorkia, one of the current BC's for the archers, and I'm sure the others will be around shortly to add their own welcome.


:oops: I would say more, however, my time is short at the moment but I will return with more when the time permits.


*passes Elanor a Flaming Shot* Untill then, drink up and enjoy!

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YAY! Welcome back! ^_^


You don't know me, I'm even newer than Vorkia! But hello anyway! ^_^

I'm Odette! It's a pleasure to meet you! ^_^


*passes Elanor a frozen shot* (the antipodal yet complimentary drink of choice to the flaming shot)

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Welcome back! You have come just a short time after Valorian/Owan also returned from the older days. In case you weren't aware, the Band disbanded (haha no pun intended) until about a year ago when Corki started a new org at DM and rebuilt the Band. Corki should be around soon and he'll help you out with any details you need!

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Guest Cadsuane

Lol 12th...



Welcome back Elanor! I'm not as new as Odds, but newer than Vorkia! You will probably find the Band has changed from what you knew before, but this is still a great group of people, and we have fun! Make yourself at home (again), and we'll see you on the offsite boards!

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An oldie?? Wow, they do seem to be creeping out of the woodwork lately! lol!


Thanks for the praise on the website! It is actually very out of date, and I am currently revamping it quite a bit at the moment, so a newer, more up to date version will be up later this week, I hope!


As Horn said, the Band was disbanded. I have no idea why. However, the Band became a discussion group about a year and a half ago. I applied to run the DG, hoping to have a military based discussion group since I was an Army Cadet at the time. We then started to pave the way for the Band to return to its rightful home amongst the ORGs. There was about 10 people who were the core of the Band with me, founding the early days of the Band. Just over a year ago, we became an ORG, and since the early days, we have grown and grown! Over that period, over 200 people have shown interest, with current active members in and around the 100 mark. So not bad for a year! :D


Anyway, keep us posted if you still want to join! As an oldie, I'll give you a few options, which you can choose from!


Good to see older Banders back!


*passes Karra some Marshal-General's Special Battle Brew*

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*sinks in a deep curtsy, kissing Karra's hand, then rising hands her a Golden Rose*


It is an honor to have you here. I am Twinnieflower, Banner Captain of the Lance in the Cavalry. If there is anything that I or my brothers and sisters of the Horse can do to encourage you to remain, please tell us.


*grins, eyes twinkling, twirls the archer around*


A new drink since your time..the Cherry Bomb Bandy..

*hands Karra the drink*

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Wow...drinks and then twirling. I feel sick.


Anyway, I can guess why the Band disbanded...it was on its way (shrinking and losing officers) when I left. In fact, now that I think back, they actually made me org leader for a short time. Right in the middle of me planning my wedding, which is why I don't even remember it. Long story short, officers were dropping like flies, and nearly everyone was an officer, so I'm certain that is the reason.


I remember Owan!!!!! I just saw recently that I never got your bio up on the old Archer page. The whole website looks very primitive now, I'm almost embarrassed to leave it up, but it has Elanor and Cabroci's archived RPs on it, and I can't lose those.



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I still can't believe how the Band was disbanded...but maybe that is due to the fact we are so large now! So, Karra, any tales of the Band before us would be great appreciated! We would like to know and hear what our predecessors did and were like!


And don't worry about the twirling et al...the Band always makes new members feel welcome and at home!


*looks at all the free drinks*


Can't let you go without one of my special Brews!


*passes Karra a Marshal-General's Special Battle Brew*

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