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  1. Wow, I have to say, this has been a very informative thread. I have just one question however. If it is a dark prophesy, then why does it have to come true? Allow me to elaborate.... The whole idea is for the good guys to win right? Yes, there are going to be losses, it's inevitable, but ultimately only one set of prophesies can prevail and naturally we want Team Rand to win. So I ask again, why does every single line in the dark prophesy have to come to pass?
  2. I have to admit, after reading 18 pages about Nakomi, I’m impressed with how creative most of the theories are. Just to be sure it is understood, creative does not equal plausible—even in Randland. I think some of the theories are a bit more farfetched than others. Nakomi=Bela is my personal favorite though. But I would be amiss if I didn’t add my two tubers to the kettle... What some are failing to remember is that Dreamers can “see” the future and some can even interpret them into knowing what those dreams mean. So what if the WO dreamers had a foretelling (or whatever you want
  3. I just thought of something, maybe its relevant or maybe not. When does Vanin first show up? Its mentioned numerous times in passing about Vanin's riding skills and how he rides so much better than his girth would attribute to. I'm wondering if Vanin is the "thing" and he turns out to be a Forsaken in disguise or someone in disguise.
  4. That's right, I forgot. At least about the book reference, this is the first time I saw that quote from RJ. I stand corrected. Thank you for the insight.
  5. I'm pretty sure those old memories stem from past lives. Why would he remember dying otherwise, as well as the memories that are of things not relating to battles?
  6. I think that we are forgetting the similarities between Mat and Rand as far as the memories goes. Mat has memories as well. Yes he was "given" them after visiting the Finn, however if we remember, Mat was spitting out the Old Tongue at times without knowing it before his visit to the Finn. (I can't remember if there were anything tactical that spilled out before the Finn). There is a difference, but the memories themselves are not a sign of madness. For Mat the Fin removed the barrier, for Rand it is believed that the taint did the same thing. (not saying I agree or disagree-I haven'
  7. I think the True Power and the True Source are a perfect description of the different types of channeling. People who seek power especially something that is referred to as True Power are usually people with nothing but self interest in mind...it implies that the person is corruptible since they want nothing but power. Now the True Source implies purity (coming from the Creator who uses it as a source to power the Wheel). It has a deeper purpose than giving power to individuals. It is used for the continuation of mankind. I'm probably not explaining it well, but I think Jordan did
  8. The thing that troubled me the most about the chapter with the back stories is not the back stories themselves, but the fact that Mat, a gambler who leaves everything up to chance, spent so much time in planning how he was going to enter the city. Mat just acts and when he does plan its usually minimal or he is on auto pilot with his memories, he has never spent time to create such an elaborate plan. I agree about the back stories, the old Mat, whose writing is like a child's if I recall correctly, didn't like to write and avoided it when possible. I don't think he even left a note for
  9. Some food for thought. A while back someone mentioned Fain being the buffer for sealing the bore. At the time I didn't quite understand what was meant but after some thought I came up with a, what I think is interesting, idea. (btw I still don't see how Fain can be the buffer since he can not channel)... What if (again someone else mentioned but I don't recall who)the TP Rand wielded was against any prior knowledge or permission from Morridin and as a result the DO does not know that Rand touched it (after all the DO is not omnipotent) because it passed through Morridin first...this is
  10. Isn't this the referring to AS (What was exalted is cast down) and Asha'man (What was cast down is raised up)? AS are no longer viewed in awe and are being treated more and more like people as the books progress and being cast down among us mere mortals. While men who can channel were once feared and cast down, are rising in power with the Black Tower. IMHO this part of the prophesy has been filled as well.
  11. Sanderson is NOT Jordan. BS even mentioned in his forward how he wasn't going to try to duplicate RJ's writing style, it would do his memory a disservice and I agree. BS is using his own writing style to finish the books. Be thankful that someone has taken up that mantel, otherwise we would all be left hanging. Yes the voices of certain characters (esp Mat) are different but some voices are harder to duplicate than others. The important thing is to keep the essence of the story and I thinks BS did a wonderful job of that. It's just going to take some time to get use to the new format
  12. A quick change of subject, but something I just recalled (my sister is now reading the book and asked me about it). After Rand choked Min, LTT was reciting Rand's list and added Min's name to it even though she is obviously still alive. This may be pertinent, does anyone have any theories as to why this happened? Especially now with the whole LTT being Rand's subconscious (or whatever he was, not a separate person inhabiting Rand's head)
  13. She did? Can you reference the book and hopefully a page number or chapter? I can't believe I missed something like that. (obviously I did though)
  14. I have to agree with Hinderstap seeming to be a filler, but I'm apprehensive to say that it is only filler. We have to remember that GS is only 1/3 of the final book and its possible that it becomes a bit more relevant in the rest of the story (not sure how though). It is possible that it was only placed there to show us, in yet another way, how the pattern is unraveling (hence the new icon). I reserve my right to pass judgment until the last 2/3 of the book is released.
  15. Morrraine's instructions were based on what she saw when she went to Rhudeiun(ps?) No one knows how far into that future she saw. Isn't it possible that Oliver is there but she is unaware of his presence? Or he appears after her vision ended? There are too many loopholes to rule out his presence completely. Besides didn't RJ say that Oliver plays an important role in the storyline when he was discrediting him being Gidal? Grant it, it doesn't necessarily mean this particular circumstance, but there are too many references to Oliver with the Snake and Foxes game for me to think its a mere
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