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  1. Like I said, life caught up to me. What pictures were you looking at, Dcon '02?? Anyway, I went on a treasure hunt to locate my old website which was lost to Davy Jones' locker, apparently. That led to a trip down memory lane, and voila, I am summoned. So anyway, the boards look pretty different now, and I'm kinda lost. I'll just spend a week or three getting reacquainted before I try to do much. (It occurs to me that any chars that I have would have to be old farts now. Karra with gray hair and wrinkles, ha!) Mostly I just missed the good old days, when I couldn't get on the computer at all without a million things to do and a hundred people to chat with.
  2. So my hubby is still keeping in touch with DM and BW friends he made years ago, and I'm feeling much like a loser. After all, I met Jay at DragonCon, you know. So...I decided to return, in what capacity, I am not sure. I am returning after an absence of about 3 years, so there are lots of people that I miss who are probably gone as well. However, I have seen some familiar names in the hour that I've been browsing the site...I can't believe that Karana STILL uses the blue&white dancing girl icon!!
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