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Who is you favorite character?

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Mine are:


Perrin: He's just the one I identify with. Also because I've always had a thing for wolves.


Nynaeve: Because she reminds me of a friend that I grew up with.

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How many am I allowed to write down?






Padan Fain

Bayle Domon














Geofram Bornhald



Mili Skane

Jaichim Carridin


Juilin Sander


Shadar Haran



Not necassarily in that order, but I think you get the point, I love just about everybody! :D

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Guest Majsju

Egwene, Mat, Moiraine, Logain, Cadsuane, Moridin, Lan...

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MY favourite male adult :lol: character is:MAT


My favourite woman is MOIRAINE :D


My favourite child character:Rand :? (i think)

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That is really hard. Hmm.

My favorite female character is probably Egwene. She is just so strong and determined. I love how after her beatings from the Mistress of Novices she just gets up and starts having a regular conversation. She is smart, strong, dedicated, brave etc.


Favorite male character is probably a toss up between Rand and Mat. I have an attachment to both for different reasons. Both have evolved a lot since leaving the Two Rivers and really have come into their own. Mat makes me laugh and his chapters are usually intense and action packed. Rand is strong and is of course the Dragon... which makes him very interesting indeed. Too hard to narrow it down to just one.

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well, i have a thing for crazy characters, so its either Padan Fain, Moridin, Rand or Lews Therin. i'd say Lews Therin cause he gets the best lines. and has a bid ego.

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I think my favorite character over-all is Perrin. I also just sort of connect with his personality...I identify with him...


Aside from that though.... There really isnt a character in these books I dont atleast appreciate as a literary device and I cant think of a 'good guy' character I dont outright like for multiple reasons, even if they annoy me sometimes...

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i love Aviendha! i love the fact that she could kick any guys butt, but still make them feel like a man.she just rules!!!!!

And i like rand, he is just interesting. mat makes me laugh, perrin makes me wonder about the wolves....


i love the books and have such strong feelings about the chacters that is just to hard to put in to words, i laugh at their mistakes, and cry at their heart aches...


thanks for listening to me rant


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I like almost every character, but the two I can't stand are Elaida and Alanna. The rest are amazing, they are well written and have personality. Elaida and Alanna are both amazingly done characters, I just don't like them because A. Alanna bonded rand against his will, which made me throw my copy of Lord of Chaos at the wall. B. Elaida is to full of herself to be a character I like, but that's what makes WOT so great you can get mad at characters, cause RJ makes everything so real :)

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Me LTT. For a lot of reasons, but it is true his ego is bigger than the world. He calls Aes Sedai "little sister", as soon as he sees a slight he bemoans how dare they do this to the lord of the morning,... the title itself is pretty interesting. I just hope the LTT doesn't take complete control of Rand's body,.... the scenes with Aes Sedai would become rather interesting than , hehe.


As for the female characters. I suppose Nynaeve. However I absolutely abhor Egwene,.. I do not mind a strong woman or such other arguements, obviously Nynaeve is my fav female character. But Egwene seems to put it into suitable language a presumptous, overblown, egocentric b*tch. Also did I mention she has a bit of a Minority complex, she always and still assumes Rand will bow to her because she is now Amyrlin,... a tad bit removed from the realistic world right?

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